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Product news November 27, 2013

Outotec celebrates 40 years of Anode Casting deliveries

Outotec is celebrating its 40 years of technology deliveries in Anode Casting - and still going strong. The modern high capacity equipment combine a high level of automation and reliability.

Outotec is the global leader in anode casting technology. Outotec technology is used to produce an impressive 90% of the world's copper anodes. Moreover, Outotec has delivered more than 80 casting shops worldwide. At the heart of this equipment is the Anode Weighing and Casting System, over 200 units of which have been installed in smelters around the world. The benefits include:

  • High capacity with good quality anodes
  • Excellent weight accuracy giving a low reject rate
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reliable operation -> high production availability -> low maintenance costs

Outotec technology is long lasting - even the first Outotec Anode Casting shop delivery from 1973 is still in operation. Outotec offers a variety of modular updates for the existing installations, including automation and services. Modernizations allow the equipment to comply with today's technology, safety and automation standards, as well as to improve availability and maintainability.

Long-term planning and upgrades keep equipment up to date and costs under control

Upgrade products available for the original Anode Casting equipment include automated casting, Mould Sense mould condition monitoring, and updated automation and control systems that recycle energy from servomotor braking back to the main grid. Outotec also offers comprehensive life cycle solutions such as maintenance inspection services and e-catalogues for easy spare parts ordering.

Outotec is uniquely dedicated to development of Anode Casting products and after sales services and has the most extensive reference list spanning four decades.

Outotec Anode Casting technology has become the global industry benchmark for casting anodes. It is known to produce high qualit y anodes at high capacit y, and to operate reliably without interruptions. High quality anodes and high availability equipment quickly pay back the investment.

Outotec has supplied numerous Anode Casting shops to China, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Russia, Japan, USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Philippines, Oman, Bulgaria, India, Korea, Poland, Australia, Zambia etc.

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