Metso Corporate Newsroom News 2014 Extending mine lifetimes with the Outotec Copper Chloride Leaching Process
Product news December 17, 2014

Extending mine lifetimes with the Outotec Copper Chloride Leaching Process

New chloride-based process maximizes mine lifetime and profitability through flexible and efficient operations.

Outotec's experience in chloride hydrometallurgy-based technologies dates back to the 1990s, when the first chloride processes were developed. We have now launched a new environmentally sustainable and resource-efficient solution for copper refining - the Outotec Copper Chloride Leaching Process.

The process is ideal for customers who are experiencing raw material shortages, and those looking to further refine the end product at the mine or concentrator site, or extend the mine lifetime. This highly flexible process can accept a wide variety of raw material feeds, including both primary and secondary sulfidic sources. In addition to providing excellent copper recovery, the process boasts outstanding precious metals recovery and low waste volumes.

Outotec Copper Chloride Leaching is based on our proven technical solutions, processes, and proprietary equipment. Outotec PROSCON® automation enables fast plant ramp-up, smooth operation, and high-quality end products. The combination of our proven proprietary equipment and ongoing services and support maximizes operational availability, improves profitability, and provides the fastest possible return on investment.

Key benefits

  • Extended mine lifetime with ability to process impure or low-grade raw materials
  • Reduced transport costs through increased refining at concentrator sites
  • Good profitability through fast, smooth plant ramp-up and operation
  • Cost-efficient operation enabled by advanced automation
  • Simplified project management with testing, engineering, process design, equipment, and automation from a single provider

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