Metso Corporate Newsroom News 2016 Working for resource efficiency - Outotec's sustainability report 2015 published
Press release April 7, 2016

Working for resource efficiency - Outotec's sustainability report 2015 published


Working for resource efficiency - Outotec's sustainability report 2015 published

Outotec has published its annual sustainability report, which describes the company's approach to sustainability, performance and achievements during 2015 as well as future targets. 'Working for resource efficiency' is the theme of the report, illustrating the positive impacts of Outotec's solutions and services on the sustainable use of Earth's natural resources.

Outotec's sustainability work in 2015 included, for example, adjusting the operations to the weak market situation, more intense dialogue with key stakeholders through the Sustainability Advisory Council, customer and employee surveys, Supplier Day as well as collaborating with students to envisage the future of mining and analyze opportunities related to the creation of circular economy. The long-term sustainability targets were also updated based on the recent materiality analysis. Key achievements were the larger positive effect (6.6 million tonnes CO2-e emissions avoided) from the use of Outotec's five metals-related technologies and the share of Environmental Goods and Services in order intake, which reached 90% for the second time.

"2015 was a challenging year for us. Prevalent economic trends had negative impacts in the industry sectors we serve. To adapt to the difficult market environment, we took several actions to improve profitability, and we were compelled to reduce workforce. But at the same time we kept on investing in the development of new products and securing strong competences in process technology know-how. We strive to work in line with our 'handprint' approach, so that the positive impacts of our products and services on the environment are demonstrably greater than the negative impacts generated by our operations and our supply chain. As we continuously aim to improve our own performance, data quality and reporting, I am very happy for Outotec being included again in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and ranked the third most sustainable company on Corporate Knights' Global 100 list. This motivates us to continue our steady work towards becoming even more sustainable", says Outotec CEO Pertti Korhonen.

The report is prepared according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines and is third-party assured by Ecobio Ltd. The report is available in English at and it can be ordered as a printed publication from

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