Metso Corporate Newsroom News 2023 Inauguration of the new Metso office and laboratory in Zacatecas, Mexico
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Inauguration of the new Metso office and laboratory in Zacatecas, Mexico

Last September 12th, Metso celebrated the inauguration of its new facilities within the Zacatecas mining cluster.

Jaime Lomelín, President of Clusmin Zacatecas & Corporate Director of Grupo BAL; Sergio Flores, Director of Clusmin Zacatecas; Rodrigo Castañeda Miranda, Secretary of Economy in Zacatecas; Ari Mäki, recently appointed Ambassador of Finland in Mexico, as well as Giuseppe Campanelli, President of Metso North and Central America and Alfredo Monreal, Vice President of Sales and Services for Mexico and Central America.

"The opening of this office in Zacatecas is another step towards our strategy of being close to our customers and supporting them in achieving success. This is a priority for us, if they succeed we succeed. Let's help them to improve, let's help them to achieve their goals and with that we will improve as well". - Giuseppe Campanelli mentioned.

Metso, having been a member of the Zacatecas Clusmin for several years now, considered building its new facilities in this development an invaluable and unmissable opportunity to participate in the region's mining growth.

"When creating the cluster, we had two objectives in mind: the first was to bring some parts close to the customers and the second was to develop talent. We welcome them with great happiness and hope this office will become their home," said Jaime Lomelin.

"Zacatecas will become one of our main locations, because there are our customers around this state, given the importance of the state in the need to attend mining support, without a doubt, this will be a service hub for the whole region." - Alfredo Monreal highlighted,

It is an honor for Metso to take this step towards strengthening our presence within the mining industry in Mexico, we will continue with the goal of achieving a more modern and sustainable industry, being this new office in Zacatecas a cornerstone in this effort.

We are your partner for positive change in Zacatecas.