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We deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers by collaborating with suppliers who share our commitment to excellence. Together, we can bring value and surpass customer expectations by providing the right solutions.
Advance shipping notification (ASN) upgrade

Advance shipping notification (ASN) upgrade

This change only impacts suppliers who are already using Jaggaer ASN and those who will start using Jaggaer in the near future.

The Jaggaer ASN module upgrade will go live on 20th September 2023. Training for our suppliers is planned from mid August onwards and schedule for the same will be shared soon. Please look out for updates on training schedule, go-live and other information from Metso in near future. 

The upgrade will bring the following benefits for suppliers using the ASN module: 

  • Ability to raise ASNs with handling units
  • A better and more intuitive ASN Module
  • Suppliers will be required to use only one single tool
  • Better transparency & visibility for transportation

Should you have any questions, concerns, or require further information about the Jaggaer ASN Upgrade, please do not hesitate to reach out to your contact person at Metso.

Business Integrity

Business Integrity

At Metso, we conduct our business with integrity and in compliance with all laws and regulations of each country we operate in, and we expect the same of our suppliers.

We will only do business with suppliers who share our values and do business ethically as stated in our Code of Conduct, hence it is crucial we engage together to demonstrate integrity in our respective businesses.

Responsible procurement
Check all Supplier Code of Conduct language versions available
How to register as a Metso Supplier?

How to register as a Metso Supplier?

In order to become a Metso Supplier you must be invited by a Metso employee and must follow the pre-qualification process. Supplier can apply to be a Metso supplier provided that they have received an invitation by a Metso employee. Pre-qualification can only be done based on Metso's invitation and is performed online in our Supplier Portal.

The supplier receives an invitation with a link through which they can create a profile in the tool. Creating a profile includes a short questionnaire that the supplier must complete. As part of the questionnaire, the supplier must commit to Metso’s Supplier Code of Conduct. After the supplier has created a profile and filled out the questionnaire, Metso assesses the supplier's eligibility. This also includes compliance and financial risk screening, and in specific cases a supplier quality assessment.

After successful completion of the pre-qualification process, the supplier is eligible to do business with Metso. However, passing the pre-qualification process does not guarantee that Metso will place an order with the supplier.


Supplier portal
The link leads to a page outside Metso’s website
Invoicing instructions
Invoicing instructions
The preferred method of invoicing Metso is through the e-invoicing.