Planet Positive Marketing Claim

All Metso Planet Positive products have been compared against industry benchmarks or previous generation Metso products, with performance data to evidence their sustainability performance claims relating to the relevant Planet Positive criteria (“Planet Positive Performance Claim”).  Such evidence means e.g. performance analytics and/or simulations, case studies and scientific studies, or comparison using product calculators. The results and the Planet Positive Performance Claims are based on average performance across multiple use cases, and as such are intended as guidance only and not guaranteed.

Metso Planet Positive portfolio and Planet Positive Performance Claims have received limited external assurance.  The Planet Positive Performance Claims may not be appropriate to specific configurations in some use cases, or the base data may have become out of date. There may be external factors or circumstances impacting the actual operation of the Planet Positive product or service in any individual use which are unrelated to the technical properties which the Planet Positive Performance Claim is based on. Some Planet Positive products or services may have limited availability or may not be available in some countries. 

In no event shall Metso be liable for the accuracy of the Planet Positive Performance Claims relating to the actual performance for any individual Planet Positive product or service.