Safe customer operations

Safe customer operations

We help our customers operate safely

Whether it’s a standard product or a customer-specific combination of technologies and services, we are
committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by offering consistent high quality. Product and operator safety
is a critical matter to us and our customers. Legal requirements, standards and directives, such as EN ISO, OSHA and CE, underpin our approach to product safety.

Product safety plays a role throughout Metso’s product development process, taking into account regulations, customer requirements, our product specifications and safety risk analyses. These requirements also extend to procurement and manufacturing processes as well as installation and commissioning. Final compliance checks are done at the customer site which means that our equipment and aftermarket people must work in close collaboration in these projects.

Our safety promise doesn’t end with the product. We have a range of solutions to eliminate environmental, health and safety risks at customer operations and improve customers’ operational performance over the
life-time of our products:

  • Upgrades and modernizations: Machine modifications that make day-to-day operation and regular maintenance safer, e.g., reducing weight, removing pinch points and removing the need for labor.
  • Process optimization: Remote process monitoring limits human-machine interaction for increased safety while still ensuring process performance targets are reached and maintained.
  • Repairs: Performing tear down and rebuilds to find potential issues and to remedy them before the machine or operators are at risk.
  • Life Cycle Services (LCS): Machines installed and adjusted to correct industry safety benchmarks. Best practices shared from hundreds of LCS contracts ensure safe shutdowns and servicing.