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Feb 29, 2024

3 reasons Remote IC makes crushing process safer and more productive

Toni Peltomäki
Toni Peltomäki
Director, Automation | Aggregates
Experience the future crusher automation with Remote IC app – an innovative wireless crushing process system, which is designed specifically for remote process control of Lokotrack® mobile crushers and screens. In this article, we explore 3 reasons explaining why the Remote IC boosts productivity in crushing operations and makes operating the plant more convenient by proving good overview of the process status on a mobile device.
Remote IC

1. Single dashboard in excavator for easier operation

One of the key features of Remote IC is its ability to serve as an extended monitoring and controlling tool for the existing Metso IC™ process control system. The app provides operators with comprehensive visibility into the main parameters of all machines within the Lokotrack train through a single dashboard.

In addition to improved visibility to process parameters, Remote IC provides the ability to control them wirelessly with an in-cab display. This brings the operator a new capability to monitor the process continuously and to immediately react to changes in the process, such as wear or changing feed material characteristics.

Remote IC’s dashboard also brings a lot of benefits when training new personnel on how to operate the crushing plant and educating about the effects of different process parameters. Instead of walking from machine to machine and checking the values one by one, trainees can observe the process at a distance while checking loading and cavity levels on their mobile devices, which is safer and more convenient.

Remote IC app
Metso Remote IC is an app for remote process control of Lokotrack® mobile crushers and screens also called Lokotrack trains.

2. Wireless process interlocking

Remote IC's intuitive interface gives the operator an opportunity to pause the feeder or change its speed without the need to step out from the excavator cabin. This results in a more streamlined, productive, and safer operation.

Additionally, Remote IC connects Lokotrack crushers with wireless process interlock and automatically limits primary unit’s feeding if there’s a disturbance of the downstream equipment. With lower overflow risk, the process can be run closer to the maximum capacity as the app helps to avoid process stops.

As Remote IC establishes a wireless network within the site, no cables are needed between Lokotrack machines. This simplifies the process of relocating machines and enhances overall mobility.

Remote IC

3. Instant problem solving

In case of a problem, Metso IC™ process control instantly stops the feeder, preventing overloading. Remote IC also alerts the operator on the cause of the stoppage, which leads to a quicker return to operation. By minimizing downtime, Remote IC contributes to a more efficient crushing process.

Even though the process is controlled by one main operator, Remote IC allows all personnel at the site to view the operation. In the event of an alarm, team members can quickly assess the situation, address the problem and sort out the issue of the machine. This approach enables Remote IC to improve communication and teamwork, fostering a safer and more efficient work environment.


By allowing operators to control everything in one dashboard and ensuring that all the equipment is seamlessly working together, Remote IC brings efficiency and safety to a new level. It helps run your crushing processes smoothly and reduce downtime. With Remote IC, your team doesn't just control machines – it takes your crushing operations to a whole new level.

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