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Feb 27, 2017

A digital game changer for continuous improvement

Caroline Lecomte
Caroline Lecomte
Continuous operator training, proper resource allocation and optimal machine operation are a must for a modern aggregates plant and fleet of mobile crushing equipment. However, overseeing multiple machines and crews operating in remote areas means that having access to accurate and timely information can be a challenge for many operation managers.
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It’s all about getting the most out of your equipment, resources and crews- but how do you know if underperformance is driven from machine issues, lack of resources or if there is a need for additional crew training?

Understanding the overall difference between your equipment’s efficiency and team performance requires constant monitoring and accurate data on operational results. In order to reach peak productivity, you need to see data results that same day, be notified in a timely manner on equipment parameter changes or the need for spare parts. Looking at the consistency between work shifts also requires you have the right data reported to see what is causing costly downtime, delays and interruptions, which are difficult to distinguish and improve upon. Without timely information, staff may not be working in the most efficient way or in a manner that ensures the safest environment.

Having a program of continuous improvement is the ideal solution as a strategic approach for daily operations. Having access to same-day documentation and information on performance, tasks and overall results allows for improved decisions and separate performance issues that are equipment driven from the ones caused by inefficient use of resources.

The following three elements are fundamental in facilitating the identification of operational trends and properly isolating the root cause of underperformance at your sites.

1) Having remote visibility to machines’ geolocation and their utilization metrics over selectable time periods

2) Getting notifications on alarms  and parameters change 

3) Reviewing time-stamped logs and reports on maintenance events, equipment parameter changes and alarms over selectable time periods.

With these three elements addressed, customers will be better able to isolate improvement areas and put a plan in place.

In 2017, we launched Metso Metrics Services, a new cloud-based remote equipment monitoring solution that helps provide additional insight on your operational performance and maintenance needs. With performance data available at the touch of a button, clients can quickly identify underperforming sites, machines or operators. Putting in place a solution that allows you to determine which and when your equipment is operational as opposed to its idle time, the ability to schedule staff hours and obtaining accurate information on daily performances. Overall, backed by our and our partner’s expertise, Metso Metrics Services helps clients make the right decisions based on accurate and timely data on their most valuable asset, the mobile equipment.


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