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Dec 27, 2021

Does rubber screening media reduce capacity?

An issue that is always on the agenda when we talk about rubber screening media is that of the open area. There is a myth that the use of rubber media greatly reduces the screening capacity, as it has a smaller open area compared to metallic wire.
Screening process

This is not true. We can prove in practice that the reduction in capacity, when it occurs, is very small, considering the difference in the proportion of open area between the two types of media.

For example, a screen that uses wire mesh, and is constantly having problems with clogging, ends up reducing the production capacity. We must also consider the design features that also reduce the active area of the wire mesh, such as frame supports, lateral tension bars, overlaps, etc.

When we switch to rubber screening media, we see that, thanks to the rubber screening media’s properties, clogging levels are much lower. In short, open area is not synonymous with increasing or decreasing production.

Screening media image
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