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Dec 2, 2022

Over 7,000 users choose Bruno simulation software

Saku Pursio
Saku Pursio
Development Engineer
Selecting the right crusher and screen for a given process is not a simple job. To make it easier, in 1994 Metso developed Bruno simulation software, which simulates the production process. It’s a great example of how Metso has increasingly been using digitalization right across the value chain to increase the customer’s business efficiency.
Bruno software

Bruno coming of age

It was over 20 years ago when Metso Minerals' Research Director, Keijo Viilo, and his team first got the idea for the Bruno simulation software and team member Severi Eerola wrote his thesis on the subject. By the time the third version of Bruno was launched in 2003, its process calculations were already providing a high degree of reliability and intensive R&D efforts in this field had become a priority.

With the digitalization of process industries now in full swing, Bruno has grown into one of the most popular software programs in the industry. Ben Armitage of Pilot Crushtec in South Africa became our 7,000th Bruno simulation software user on Monday, May 23. On average, we gain one new user every day. In addition to our own people, distributors and, to an increasing extent, also end customers use it.

Digital tools to make life easier

One of the reasons for Bruno's worldwide popularity is a design optimized for ease of use, which comes from the product's intuitive software. You just enter basic feed material and machinery data into the process and the software predicts how the process will perform. Bruno's performance prediction includes all the necessary Metso equipment, such as feeders, crushers and screens and shows percentages for different end products. With values based on real-life scenarios, a user has all the user data to make informed decisions on the right equipment. In fact, most of the offers we make include a Bruno process flowchart as a standard feature.

Another reason why Bruno is easy for people to adopt is that most other simulation software programs require users to have a deep understanding of process calculation. Bruno users don't need any theoretical knowledge. The software is so user-friendly, a complete novice can learn it under an hour and generate a clear process flowchart in a matter of minutes.

Continuous development pushes boundaries to include NW technologies

We are expanding our Bruno simulation software from key stationary aggregates processes to cover new products, most recently LT series track-mounted and NW series wheel-mounted crushing and screening plants. The simulation accuracy is increasing all the time as we input more and more data from Metso customers and our research centers on different crusher models, which are in use in no fewer than 112 countries.

Bruno 3.7, our current version, features an expanded database and better visuals for the process flowchart, such as lifelike images of crushers and screens. Going forward, we'll also incorporate 3D images.

Bruno demonstrates Metso's commitment to open and standardized technologies, and digital platforms that enable the continuous development of tools that solve practical problems fast. We have many cases where connected equipment and remote services are improving our customers' profitability by, for example, allowing preventative maintenance, increasing safety and providing real-time data.

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