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Jan 10, 2022

Want more durability for your screens?

In recent years, the use of rubber screening media for the production of aggregates has increased a lot. Many quarries have already exchanged metallic screening media for rubber screening media for a variety of reasons, the main one being how much product is lost with metal.
Screening media
To choose the thickness of the screening media, a technical consultation with a specialist is the key to the business

What is the useful life of rubber screening media?

One of the biggest advantages of the rubber screening media is its long wear life when compared to classic wire screening media. Even with a higher initial investment, durability justifies all the cost. We have studies that show rubber screening media in most cases last up to four times longer and in some applications up to twelve times. It all depends on the application and which material is being processed.

The study shows that the typical service life of steel wire is in the range of 300h - 600h, whereas for rubber media it is in the range of 2,000h - 5,000h,  with the duration determined by the size and abrasiveness of the material. In addition to the quality of the compound used in the fabrication of the media, a factor that also influences their useful life is their thickness. But even to choose the thickness, a technical consultation with a specialist is the key, because even though it seems that the thicker the longer the service life, this can negatively affect other performance parameters.:

Comparative table of screening media thicknesses
Comparative table of screening media thicknesses
Screening media image
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Riuma Quarry Case

A very illustrative example we have is the Riuma quarry that started using Metso Outotec's rubber media and had a significant increase in productivity and gave us concrete data on the screening media lifetime gains. As a result, we are able to tell everyone this success story.

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Quarry Riuma expands production capacity by 50%
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