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Apr 26, 2024

What makes Metso Lokotrack® mobile crushers and screens safe and easy to use?

Tuomas Tuokko
Tuomas Tuokko
Industrial Designer, Technology Development & Product Safety
Niko Joenlehto
Niko Joenlehto
Product Specialist, New Lokotrack Offering
From transportation and set up to running and servicing the equipment, Metso Lokotrack® mobile crushers and screens are engineered for safety. In this blog you will learn how Lokotrack machines are designed to provide optimal user experience and this blog will also introduce some of the Lokotrack safety features.

In the crushing and screening industry, safety is a top priority as the work carries risks. Big machines roam the site crushing and blasting hard rock with mighty power, and people working at the site face risks like falling from machinery, slipping or tripping on uneven surfaces or having something fall on them. Along with safe work procedures, the choice of machinery plays a crucial role in mitigating these risks.

Safety in the crushing and screening industry is built on thoughtful design of both equipment and user experience (UX). Designing of an exceptional UX consists of carefully considering the entire human-machine interaction and ensuring a seamless, efficient and safe experience across all stages. Also, the industry is regulated by legislation and standards that might differ depending on the geographical location in which the operations are run. For example, in the EU, the EU Machinery Directive and recently published EU Machinery Regulation set the basis for safety work.

At Metso, safety is at the core of Research and Development work

At Metso, safety work is rooted in the design process. Safety experts work together with the Research and Development team, ensuring that safety is always a consideration when developing new innovations. Global presence, with operations and customers around the world, allows for an exceptional service capability around the world. This worldwide reach leads to a comprehensive understanding of local needs, such as varying weather conditions. After the initial sales, the cooperation with partners and customers continues. Feedback and development ideas are collected and communicated to all relevant teams within the organization. This ensures that customer needs remain central when developing new designs.

Innovating new digital solutions plays a pivotal part in building optimal customer experience and enhancing the safety of the operations. For example, the recently launched Remote IC control for Lokotrack equipment allows adjusting the feeder and crusher settings directly from the excavator cabin. Since the operator no longer needs to step out from the excavator cabin as often, using Remote IC reduces the safety risks that the employee faces during their workday.

The UX and safety design process covers the whole Lokotrack® journey from transporting and setting up to running the process and maintaining the machine. The design philosophy aims to create machines that are not only safe and efficient but also user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Safety throughout the machine’s lifecycle

The UX and safety design process covers the whole Lokotrack® journey from transporting and setting up to running the process and maintaining the machine. In essence, the design philosophy aims to create machines that are not only safe and efficient but also user-friendly and easy to maintain, which in turn can help in attracting skilled employees. Machines are designed to be safe during transportation as well as quick and easy to set up, making ownership effortless from the start. When the machinery needs to be relocated, it can be done without excessive planning and preparation.

If problems occur, the machine’s usability influences how quickly issues can be identified and resolved. Troubleshooting is a significant part of this process. The user interface informs the user about error codes and guides them on the next steps. Support is continuously provided through the Metso Training Academy and comprehensive user manuals, and, when needed, through Metso’s global network of experts. This ensures that the users have access to all the resources needed for successfully operating and maintaining their machine.

Some examples of Lokotrack safety features

  1. Service platforms, handles & railings: The service platforms are engineered for safety during different scenarios in which a person might need to access the machine, accommodating potential usage and maintenance requirements. Handles are positioned ergonomically, providing continuous support for operators by ensuring that a handle is always within reach as they move around the machine. The service platforms are designed to have sufficient space for maintenance personnel to conveniently carry and position their equipment. Safety platforms and stairs can be folded for easy transportation in one piece – no time-consuming dismantling is needed.

  2. Guards: The Lokotrack machines are fitted with light, durable, and easy-to-handle plastic and steel guards. These guards primarily serve to protect the people working with the machines, particularly their hands, from potential interference with the machine or its movements. Secondly, the guards also protect from any potential rock impact. Safety is prioritized in the design of these guards, with careful consideration given to their size, material and placement. This ensures not only the safety and usability of the guards themselves but also contributes to the overall safety of the machine during operation and maintenance.

  3. Jaw maintenance platform: The Lokotrack jaw crushers have a special jaw maintenance platform. The maintenance platform makes it easier to access the chamber and, even more importantly, blocks the movement of the jaw, making entering the chamber safer for the maintenance personnel.

  4. Lighting: One of Lokotrack® current development focus points is on having sufficient lighting for both when the machine is being moved as well as when it is in operation. This becomes especially important with remote crushing and screening sites that have no electricity and site lighting available.

  5. Special lifting tools: Special lifting tools are designed for parts that require lifting. As the shapes of the parts might be unusual, a certified lifting tool enhances safety by ensuring that the part is always attached a certain way when lifted, and the lifting is also performed the same way each time.


Safety commitment embedded in Lokotrack design provides peace of mind

At Metso, we understand that the machine is our customer’s livelihood, and the business depends on the machines that run it. Lokotrack machines are designed to be easy, safe and reliable to work with to ensure our customers can get the most out of the machines.

In the crushing and screening machinery, the technical standards create the basis for the safety work. At Metso, in addition to meeting the safety standards, we aim to exceed them. We believe in being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to safety development, and we want to make sure that we continue the safety work above and beyond the minimum requirements. This approach keeps us ahead of the game and ensures the safety of our equipment.

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