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Apr 16, 2024

Building a Tier-1 company by listening to our customers 

Metso identifies customer success as one of our top priorities in strategy implementation. Effective measurement and analysis of customer feedback and setting actions based on the insight is a key building block to success.  

Net Promoter Score in Metso 

The metric that Metso is following to monitor customer success is called Net Promoter Score (NPS).  NPS is  widely used in customer experience programs. It measures the loyalty of customers to a company by asking customers’ likelihood to recommend a company on a scale from 0 – 10. Bain & Company created the NPS metric in early 2000s.   

Metso’s objective with measuring NPS is to improve customer experience across various touch points and drive customer centric culture. In order to do that, we collect feedback continuously from customers and distributors through relationship NPS surveys, which by nature measure the overall experience the customer or distributor has had with us. It can relate to multiple different touchpoints along the customer’s journey. Additionally, we collect feedback for transactions at the time they occur throughout the customer journey.  This feedback, tied to particular business transactions like product delivery or project completion, offers an important angle for understanding how our customers experience working with us. 

In Metso we implement NPS as a full concept, which means we want to collect actionable customer insight and use it to improve customer experience in an active way. The feedback received from our customers not only contains valuable information on what customers appreciate when dealing with Metso, but also what we need to improve to strengthen our partnership and consequently provide more sufficient services to our customers.  

Customers’ feedback is Metso’s motivator to further improve our technologies.
Customers’ feedback is Metso’s motivator to further improve our technologies.

Fortifying customer success 

As an example, based on the feedback, a customer felt that the local Metso key contact is occasionally unavailable due to a packed schedule. This may have led to potential gaps in communication to clients. To mitigate the impact of unavailability of this local person, Metso team suggested enhancing communication with the local customer service team. Consequently, this team was designated as the primary contact for this specific customer. This ensured a reliable and accessible source for assistance, thereby maintaining high-quality customer service and reducing any inconvenience.   

In this case, the feedback gathered helped our local Metso team to identify the shortcoming and implement the improvement on time. We also analyze customer feedback on a global level to identify patterns and plan for essential actions accordingly.   

Feedback is critical for us to understand our customers better and help us to improve customer experience - not only locally, but also as a global company. We have an active network of dedicated colleagues inside the company actively working with customer feedback, developing improvement roadmaps, and sharing these kinds of examples and best practices. That is why NPS and the insight it provides equals a possibility for continuous learning and improvement for us at Metso.
Maarit Kivinen, Director, Customer Loyalty at Metso

Since the beginning of the measurement, our NPS has shown a positive trend. The safety culture, the high-quality and performance of our products and the technical expertise of our employees are the core drivers behind our NPS result. Our main areas of development are on-time deliveries together with response time. To ensure continuous improvement and to highlight the importance of customer satisfaction, NPS continues to be a shared target for all employees.  

A variety of positive customer feedback collected via the NPS metric is available on our website.  

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