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Dec 18, 2023

An efficient & reliable conveyor for your pellet plants

Ramin Sedighi
Ramin Sedighi
Project engineer
18 months ago, Metso successfully introduced its Compact-sized pelletizing plant with 3m wide travelling grate. With this development, Metso responded to the increasing market demand for plants with smaller capacities between 1.2 and 2.6 Mtpy, particularly in India and China, after decades of constant growth in plant sizes.

We further invested in optimizing design, engineering, project execution, and supply base to reduce pellet cost per ton for smaller plants. As a result, Metso now offers competitive basis pellet plants with smaller size and production capacity, incorporating all the experience and process features of the world's biggest and most efficient plants.

Compact-sized pellet plant key features   

  • Highly standardized engineering

  • Optimized plant layout

  • Modular and flexible configuration

  • Minimized capex and delivery time

Our proprietary design for key equipment ensures efficiency, reliability and longevity for the process. And now, we take pride in displaying our latest product: the Shuttling Spreader Conveyor. It is specifically developed to serve our Compact-sized pellet plants and caters to the in-line arrangement of 3m pellet plant, as opposed to the L-shaped arrangement seen often in larger 4m pellet plants.

Reliability and Reduced Downtime:

Our experience has shown that the Shuttling Spreader Conveyor oscillating conveyors in terms of reliability. It has significantly fewer operational shutdowns, hence is a more dependable choice for continuous operations.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Functionality: Expertly engineered to transfer green pellets from collecting conveyors to wide belt conveyor, our Shuttling Spreader Conveyor ensures uniform distribution and optimal handling of green pellets to the downstream process.

  • Advanced Controls: Equipped with a state-of-the-art PLC system for a seamless local control as well as I/O capabilities for remote control and monitoring to ensure uninterrupted operations.

  • Robust Design: The conveyor is designed with a maximum capacity of up to 650 TPH to handle substantial volumes efficiently.

  • Precision Engineering: Operated with a variable frequency drive and featuring a Low Voltage Variable Frequency Drive (LVDT) based feedback and control for the hydraulically driven transverse shuttling movement, the product operates smoothly and has an evenly spread material bed on the downstream conveyor.

  • Electrical Excellence: Powered by a 7.5 kW Conveyor Drive Motor and supported by a 22 kW Hydraulic Pump Motor, the product ensures reliable and consistent performance.

Compliance with Standards:

The Shuttling Spreader Conveyor adheres to IS/ISO (Mechanical) & IS/ IEC (Electrical) standards & codes, with high quality and reliability in all aspects.

A Shuttling Spreader Conveyor works by receiving green pellets from a narrower arranged collecting conveyor (upstream) and transferring the pellets onto an arranged wide belt conveyor (downstream). Due to the inline arrangement, the transverse shuttling movement of the conveyor is used to evenly distribute incoming green pellets across the width of the downstream arranged wide belt conveyor. An even distribution is achieved by varying the speed of the reciprocation movement and the belt speed.

The Shuttling Spreader Conveyor will be operated with a LVDT to regulate the speed of the conveyor. The shuttling mechanism is driven by a hydraulic power unit, which includes both operating and standby hydraulic supply pumps and motors.

The Shuttling Spreader Conveyor is operated with a PLC system for local control.  If the situation requires, I/O is provided in connection to the plant’s main control system for remote controlling and monitoring.

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