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Jun 11, 2019

Customized smelting solutions for Silicon

Silicon is part of our everyday lives. It is used as raw material in hundreds of different consumer products, including cosmetics, aluminum wheels, computer chips, and solar panels. Quartz, one of the most common minerals in the Earth’s crust, is the main raw material for silicon metal, which in turn is the base raw material of chemical, aluminum and polysilicon industries.
Silicon smelter

Silicon metal is produced via pyrometallurgical process in an electric smelter, where quartz with silicon dioxide content above 98% is reduced in carbothermic reaction to metallic silicon with silicon content greater than 98.5%, depending on the grade of the silicon metal.

We are a leading technology supplier for various smelting applications in many industries. Our portfolio includes electric smelting technologies for various ferroalloys, including silicon metal. Our silicon metal technology ensures smooth furnace operation and end product with the highest possible level of purity. The solution can be fully customized according to customer requirements. All technologies have been developed by Metso Outotec, allowing worry-free integration of the process design and equipment. Our technology offering covers the whole smelting process from the feed system to metal tapping. The core technologies include electrode equipment (for carbon or compound electrodes), electrode sealing, water-cooled gas hood, furnace shell, and rotating table. By choosing Metso Outotec silicon metal smelter the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient silicon metal can be produced; making our everyday life carbon footprint lower.

Metals refining