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Apr 4, 2023

Experience your mill linings in virtual reality

Our patented 3D-scanning of grinding mill linings has been the industry benchmark for years. The scans are used to understand the way the mill liners wear, to optimize the liner design and to accurately predict the reline schedules.
Video: Metso Outotec Virtual Inspection for mill linings

Metso Outotec’s latest innovation, Virtual Inspection for mill linings is a software platform that enables the scanned mill linings to be viewed in virtual reality. Accessing individual scans is easy and user-friendly. The users enter a 360° environment where they can move about freely in a 3D virtual setting and interact with the mill lining scan to analyze it. 

Features like remaining liner thickness measurements and profile review enable the users to make real-time assessments of the liners. The color-coded heatmap mode helps in analyzing the wear patterns and in detecting problem areas, so that the mill lining design and performance can be improved. 

Efficient and safe collaboration has never been more important than today. The new platform makes technical discussions easier. We can safely host on-site inspections while being offsite, thanks to the fully immersive virtual walkthroughs, and the ability to comprehensively review any particular point of the mill lining.  Up to eight people can meet in virtual rooms to discuss a mill lining scan. 

The Virtual Inspection tool gives users two different possibilities to view 3D point clouds of mill liners: A PC version and a virtual reality version developed for VR headsets, offering a more immersive experience. 

We are proud of the more than sixty years of experience we have in optimizing grinding mill liners and in bringing new innovations to the market.

How to determine the correct lining design for your grinding mill?
How to determine the correct lining design for your grinding mill?
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