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Apr 13, 2022

New screening technology with significantly improved safety features

Martin Smith
Martin Smith
Regional Director, Screening
The industry trend that is also at the forefront of Metso Outotec’s development work is the shift towards reliable, more sustainable screens that help to reduce operating costs and improve safety. Our latest innovation is the next generation of elliptical motion banana screens. In this blog, we dive deeper into some of the safety benefits offered by our new elliptical motion banana screens.

Safety is a top priority for Metso Outotec and for our customers. We are constantly striving to develop new reliable solutions to help our customers reach their targets. The unique to screening but familiar mechanism design, combined with the self-synchronized elliptical motion of a banana screen, and with our fully monitored control system enables 6G acceleration in normal operation, safely and more reliably than any equivalent banana screen. The new elliptical motion screens will be globally launched at the end of 2022.

Safety benefit 1: Minimal exciter/mechanism maintenance with no changeouts

The mechanism design allows us to increase force output over a typical roller bearing exciter or mechanism, while keeping maintenance to a minimum. There are no roller bearings! Theoretically, our unique solution means infinite bearing life and it is expected to outlast screen service life. Moreover, the new screen has a maintenance-free intermediate shaft and an easy oil change remote lubrication system, with a high-capacity, heating, cooling and onboard filtering system.

Safety benefit 2: No working at heights

No oil on the screen and no exciter changeouts required for the service life of the machine means no working at heights and no awkward suspended loads. Uptime and safety increase, as the lubrication oil can be sampled and filtered while the machine is running

Field testing shows that our new elliptical motion banana screen offers 30% more uptime by reducing the number of screen deck wash downs and the high risks associated with confined space work.

Safety benefit 3: Control system offers a safer workplace

The screen has its own control system that measures the lubrication oil level, pressure and flow rate in multiple locations and also heats or cools the oil to ensure that it is always within the optimal temperature range.

The drive motors and counterweight positioning are monitored and controlled to ensure consistent ellipse shape and stroke angle. It is also possible to adjust the stroke ellipse angle during operation. In addition, the system allows for a mechanism-controlled shutdown at the 6 o’clock position​ (Bottom Dead Center), eliminating the dangerous scenario of having uncontrolled potential energy.

Safety benefit 4: Fire-retardant screening media and wear protection

Metso Outotec’s fire-retardant rubber compounds effectively reduce the risk of fire. The rubber complies with the requirements of the UL94HB standard for rubber.

Safety benefit 5: Hammerless Attachment system for screening media

Metso Outotec’s Hammerless Attachment system for screening media provides safer installation, faster removal and maximized uptime. The specially designed pins are screwed into place and removed using a cordless drill. This prevents accidents that occur when pins that are stuck are torn off by force using a hammer or a lever bar. In addition to improved safety, the attachment system reduces the change-out time considerably, resulting in higher uptime and productivity.