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Oct 16, 2017

Servicing your analyzer – and protecting your investment

Analyzers are an increasingly essential investment for effective plant operation. Reliable online monitoring and process control in mineral slurries is no longer just a ‘nice to have’ in today’s operations. The analyzer system provides fast, reliable and accurate data to support correct operational decisions in your process. So increasingly, more and more sites realize the value this investment brings to recovery and performance.
Particle size analyzer PSI 500
Figure 1. The use of Metso Services guarantees that the professionals working with your Courier analyzers and its x-ray sources are always properly trained.

How to tell if your analyzer is operating optimally

So, how do you know if your analyzer if operating optimally? In short, here are three of the most important KPIs

  1. Safety – zero safety incidents during operation and maintenance. All equipment safety features must be up-to-date

  2. Availability – The analyzer and also the sampling system should be available all the time during operation. Maintenance should be required only during planned shutdowns

  3. Quality/Accuracy – Analyzer measurements must be accurate so that they can be used for process controls, thus cross-checking against lab results. Remember, re-calibration might be needed when significant ore changes occur

Servicing your analyzer

When it comes to servicing your analyzer, what is the best way to keep this key investment at an optimal level? As with any sophisticated technology, working with your original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, is the best solution. In the case of the Courier analyzer, for example, with Metso Services the benefits include spare parts, analyzer and analyzer system availability, and the latest upgrades, amongst others.

Spare parts - at your fingertips

A pre-requisite for a well-functioning analyzer is the availability of spare parts at the exact time required. As Metso Courier is a complex state-of-the-art system, it is vital to ensure the compatibility and functionality of the equipment. Many spare parts might not have a feasible alternative and can only be sourced through Metso. In addition, only a certain number of spares are common in the various analyzer types, with the remainder based on specific operational requirements and customer needs. This means that the spare part can be very different from customer to customer. And if you are under pressure during an unscheduled breakdown, speed is critical to identify what parts you need.

For this, the Metso eCatalogue has been developed, which makes identifying parts easier and faster. eCatalogues are created specifically for each customer and are part of the equipment documentation in project deliveries. It is also possible to order them for older installations. Having regular control of your analyzer condition and an effective maintenance plan, all of which can be included in your service agreement, ensures your spares program is well planned and everything is available when needed. This helps you avoid costly maintenance delays.

Safety at the forefront

Safety is our primary consideration during the design process. This not only means that we manufacture high-quality equipment to current global and local safety regulations, but we go beyond that. We also build in added safety features to address any future deviations from the safe operation of our equipment. As you would expect, Metso  analyzers are renowned for their safety during operation and maintenance but it is a critical prerequisite the units are properly maintained too. Metso service personnel are up to speed on, for example, the latest software upgrades, an increasingly critical area to monitor in today’s cyber world. Also, only trained and competent personnel are allowed to carry out service tasks that may affect the safe operation of the analyzer. The use of Metso Services guarantees that the professionals working with your Courier analyzers and their x-ray sources are always properly trained.

Service agreements to suit all needs

Nowadays, Metso has hundreds of service maintenance agreements worldwide – covering different models and duties, with extensive support in complex issues locally, globally and remotely. Metso can provide the service that best fits your needs. Our service scope has several different levels that can vary from annual site visits to permanent site presence with 24/7 service support. Equipment availability is guaranteed in most of the service levels provided. The benefits of a service agreement are clear. For example, last year, one customer in South America was able to increase their analyzer availability from 54 % to 93 % with the operation and maintenance support provided by Metso.

Future-proofing your investment

And we don’t just focus on servicing our existing equipment, but we also continuously develop products according to evolving customer needs.

With Metso Services, you have upgrade paths and replacement components for Courier and PSIs analyzers secured. This includes the latest Metso analyzer software. Upgrading your investment will ensure the lowest total cost of ownership by extending the analyzer system lifecycle, maximizing availability, minimizing operating costs, avoiding unnecessary investment in new equipment and optimizing process results. The latest Metso analyzers include a user-friendly operator interface and enhanced connectivity to other systems, providing you with an easier way to maximize process performance.

Sampling assessment

Another very valuable service is the sampling assessment which includes the evaluation of the existing samplers, their location, slurry characteristics and the representativeness of the collected samples. Highly experienced sampler specialists can evaluate your current sampling system - ensuring the samples to your analyzers represent the total flow.

Complete scope for your investment

By choosing Metso Services, we deliver a complete scope that ensures the accuracy and availability of your investment. From bespoke spares at your fingertips, service agreements to suit all needs, to future-proofing your investment with the latest upgrades, you have the optimal support to help improve plant performance and increase profitability.