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Dec 15, 2021

Showcasing our expertise: Metso Outotec at the E-Waste World Conference & Expo

Metso Outotec was a proud sponsor of the E-Waste World Conference & Expo, held on 30 November – 1 December 2022 at the Frankfurt Messe, Germany venue. With a stand and presentation by Lauri Närhi, Director, Sales Smelting, speaking on the topic – “Metso Outotec eScrap Solutions – Unlocking the value”, Metso Outotec took the opportunity to spread the buzz on our cutting-edge solutions for the ever-growing e-scrap smelter market. During the event, and as part of our presentation, Metso Outotec shared detailed information on how to invest in a new e-scrap smelter, important factors to consider, and how Metso Outotec can support smelter business in feasibility studies, process flowsheet, plant design, and in technology delivery.
ewaste expo
These types of events represent a tremendous opportunity for the Metso Outotec’s e-scrap solutions to be more known in our potential target markets. It was an important opportunity to screen the current state of the business and at the same time to show our expertise.
Lauri Närhi, Director, Sales Smelting, stand personnel and presenter

Featuring Metso Outotec e-Scrap solutions

Metso Outotec provides a comprehensive eScrap solutions portfolio for the smelting and refining of e-scrap derived from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). The solutions portfolio consists of Metso Outotec’s proven smelting, refining, hydrometallurgy, and gas-cleaning technologies, all contributing to the safe and profitable recycling of e-scrap.


It was interesting to appreciate people passing by our stand and asking questions. We had a good number of contacts gathered during the event. The interest in our solutions was clear. These were one of the positive indicators for an upward business trend in this industry.”
Richard Lindh, Sales Manager, stand personnel
ewaste expo
Participation was very positive in every respect. We had good discussions and interested visitors. Very important, we’d like to point out the very good exhibitor support.
Niklas Olsson, Process Engineer, stand personnel

E-scrap, consisting of printed circuit boards and electronic devices containing copper, gold, and other valuable metals, is one of the fastest growing waste streams worldwide. Rapid technological development, especially in information technology, is one of the drivers for this change. Combined with the depletion of primary raw materials and the increasing complexity of e-scrap, the need for safe and environmentally friendly recycling and reuse of these valuable raw materials is of paramount importance.

By helping to turn waste into valuable metals, our solutions help to take advantage of the exciting new opportunities, created now for the circular economy today and in the future. Metso Outotec is committed to the 1.5 °C journey in line with the Paris Agreement, and Planet Positive thinking is inherent in our eScrap offering.
Lauri Närhi, Sales Director, Smelting at Metso Outotec

E-Waste World Conference & Expo consisted of a two-day international five-stream conference, including a free-to-attend exhibition held on-site. The event showcased the latest recycling technologies, material-recovery solutions, circular electronics innovations, sustainable materials, non-toxic substitutes, and end-of-life strategies for electronic waste, including electric vehicle batteries and photovoltaics, as well as the regulatory and business models to help reduce the environmental impact of all forms of consumer and industrial e-waste.

The event brought together more than 85 globally renowned expert speakers from consumer and industrial electronics manufacturers and the supply chain, e-waste recyclers and waste management companies, recycling technology manufacturers, materials recovery experts, the electronics re-use, remanufacturing and refurbishment sectors, the electric vehicle battery sector (manufacturers, recyclers and raw materials recovery), specialists in sustainable materials and chemicals suppliers, science, academia, policy-makers, NGOs, research institutions and consultants.


This article is part of our Smelting Newsletter Issue 2/2021. Visit the issue front page for all articles and greetings from Lauri Närhi, Director of Sales - Smelting business line.

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