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Jun 27, 2024

Unlock the extreme efficiency and durability: The advantages of Metso XM Series

Nicolas Gallay
Nicolas Gallay
Director, Gyratory and Large Cone Crushers
Vinicius Vilela
Vinicius Vilela
VP, Mining Crushers
Mining operations demand robust, efficient crushing solutions that can withstand extreme conditions. Metso has unveiled the groundbreaking XM Series – a cutting-edge crushing solution designed to revolutionize the mining industry. Let’s dive into what makes the Metso XM Series exceptional.
Metso XM Series

Elevating efficiency with machine and process control tools

Metso XM Series is an elevated and comprehensive package that combines intelligence, durability and lifetime value. Here’s how it helps you achieve more:

  • SmartCone: Imagine having a system defining the optimal crushing parameters by analyzing real situation without the need of an operator expertise. SmartCone technology does just that. By optimizing the crushing process, it can boost production by up to 10%. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to facts.
  • SmartStation: Have you ever been able to identify decreased efficiency of your secondary crushing stage due to feed size? With SmartStation, your primary crushing stage provides in-spec product, rocks are consistent in size. A must if you want to optimize your downstream process efficiently.
  • Mineral Crusher Pilot (MCP) automation: This automation system takes crusher management to a whole new level. It’s not just about diagnostics; it’s about proactive decision-making. Whether adjusting settings or preventing potential issues, MCP keeps your crusher running smoothly. Metso‘s MCP ensures seamless integration, allowing for remote diagnostics and even remote actions. No more downtime surprises – stay ahead of the game.
Metso Mineral Crusher Pilot automation
Mineral Crusher Pilot (MCP) automation

Revolutionized crusher durability and maintenance

The industry-leading Superior™ MKIII primary gyratory and Nordberg® MP cone crushers have been elevated with the XM Series to offer the most extreme duty parts, increased lifetime and improved maintenance time and safety.

With Superior XM Series you can expect long-lasting parts with the mantle lifetime increased by up to 50% and doubled lifespan of concaves and protective parts. Maintenance is simplified with visual guiding by inspection hatches and the elimination of seal repositioning inside the machine. With Optishell™, the lifetime of concaves can be extended by up to 40% for a single feed point at the primary station. Optishell™ technology also removes the need for a crane when rotating the shells and spider.

Metso Superior XM Series
Superior XM Series

The Nordberg MP XM Series enhanced durability is reflected in the forged head, which is 3 times more robust. Cavity liners’ lifetime is increased by up to 50% and protective parts’ lifespan is quadrupled. Maintenance is safer and more efficient with the suppression of torch heating operations inside the crusher, the use of portable tools instead of heavy ones, and the elimination of the need to invert the clamping ring assembly.

Metso Nordberg MP XM Series
Nordberg MP XM Series

Lifetime warranty: Unprecedented confidence

Mining equipment warranties rarely extend beyond a few years. But the Metso XM Series breaks the mold. The first of its kind in the mining industry, you can rely on the warranty coverage up to 25 years*, minimizing the risk of unplanned costs.

Metso’s warranty program can help minimize downtime by ensuring timely responses, which ultimately translates into maximizing output. With Metso’s support, you can maintain consistent production levels, meet your operational goals and be sure that your investment is protected for the long haul.

Metso’s XM Series isn’t just about crushing rocks – it’s about transforming mining operations. With intelligence, durability and an exclusive lifetime warranty, it’s time to take your crushing performance to the next level. Trust Metso to be your partner for positive change.

*specific condtions apply

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