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Feb 28, 2022

Why you should choose genuine OEM pump parts over replicas

Greg Dixon
Greg Dixon
Director, Pump Sales, EUE MA
John Perry
John Perry
EMEA Services & Support Manager, Pumps business line
During the operational life of your slurry pump, you will probably need to replace some of the spare parts. From installation to the end of the lifecycle, the original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) parts perform the most optimal, resulting in increased uptime, higher reliability, lower maintenance costs and improved safety. Read below on why genuine OEM pump parts are better than replicas, in terms of safety, warranty, design, expertise and cost.
Metso Outotec pump parts

In such a competitive and sometimes lucrative market such as slurry pumps, it is common to see replicator companies offering spares and wears for original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) equipment. They are usually marketed as ‘equivalent’ or ‘low price’ and can be very appealing to the equipment users. Beware of imitations, it is possible that what appears to be a good upfront saving can actually create more problems and costs over time.

Peak performance and peace of mind with OEM parts

Genuine OEM parts are rigorously designed, manufactured, tested and continuously improved to fit the equipment they are meant for. Not many replicators adhere to industry standards for quality management, such as ISO:9001. 3D scanning of parts deviates from design tolerances which can lead to fitment issues, premature failure or even incidents when handling replicated parts with certified OEM lifting tools.

Several Metso Outotec pump parts

Unfortunately, a part breakage can lead to a total machine failure, plant shutdown and increased safety risks. Replicated parts are not subjected to OEM quality control standards and may be sold without a warranty or with a very limited one. Should a pump fail, and it is found to be fitted with a replicated part, the warranty may be voided - resulting in a large repair bill. By using genuine OEM parts, you will continue to benefit over the life of your equipment warranty period.

The key to getting the most out of your equipment is using the right parts, understanding how the equipment works and doing preventive and predictive maintenance. OEM parts are designed to work at peak performance within the equipment they are meant for. A replicator will supply what looks to be the correct part, but they will not be able to provide you with the product support and in-depth knowledge of its design and operating capabilities.

Metso Outotec pump part
Unless the pumps are turning, no one is earning. The longer lifetime of OEM parts, combined with improved operating performance, directly reduces the cost per ton.

Usually, what seems too good to be true, is exactly that. Repeated breakdowns can lead to increased maintenance costs, repair costs and missed delivery deadlines. The low upfront price for replicator copies may be attractive. However, when we compare this against the total cost of ownership, genuine OEMs parts are more than competitive.

Unless the pumps are turning, no one is earning. The longer lifetime of OEM parts combined with improved operating performance directly reduces the cost per ton. Replicated parts with deviations from the OEM design can lead to increased plant downtime, lower reliability, higher maintenance costs and increased safety risks.

In conclusion, it’s best not to focus on the juicy-looking worm, but rather on the sharp and shiny hook that it is hiding.

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