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Sep 20, 2021

Cost-effective crushing with OEM manufactured O-Series crusher wear parts

The Korvenkallio rocky area near Uusikaupunki in Finland provides the setting for Sora ja Kallio Heinonen, a Finnish rock processing company with a long history. The company has engaged in rock crushing operations for more than 25 years, and independently since 2002.
Lokotrack LT120 mobile jaw crusher and Lokotrack LT330D mobile conr crusher
Jari Heinonen is the head of Finnish family business Sora & Kallio Heinonen.

“We currently have three aggregates crushing sites, with a total annual production of 300,000–400,000 metric tons,” says Jari Heinonen, head of the family business.

The company has a large number of customers, with more than 4,000 entries in its customer register, from small businesses to private road maintenance associations. Within the rock material portfolio, the company handles everything from crushing to transport.

Lokotrack LT120 mobile jaw crusher and Lokotrack LT330D mobile cone crusher
Lokotrack® LT120 mobile jaw crusher is used as primary crusher and Lokotrack® LT330 mobile cone crusher is used as secondary crusher.

Diversified aggregates production

“We produce everything possible here at Korvenkallio: zero-based aggregates from 0–8 mm to 0–90 mm, and gravel from 8–11 mm to 16–31 mm. Demand has been so high this year that we’re probably slightly ahead of our annual target,” says Heinonen.

In the Heinonen crushing chain, the primary crusher is a Lokotrack® LT120 mobile jaw crusher and the secondary crusher with a screen is a Lokotrack® LT330D mobile cone crusher. Both are from 2018.

“This is our main equipment. We have managed well, though it would always be nice to get something more – but we’ll see,” Heinonen says with a smile.

O-Series jaw crusher wear part
Both of the Lokotrack crushing equipment use O-Series crusher wear parts from Metso Outotec.

O-Series crusher wear parts in use

Both crushers use O-Series crusher wear parts by Metso Outotec. Heinonen has experiences of many types of crusher wear parts , and the company is currently trying OEM wear parts from a slightly more affordable range.

“Money is always a consideration. We were looking for a lower price without compromising on durability. In the original parts, we were looking for good compatibility in particular, because we’ve had some problems with parts from other manufacturers,” Heinonen explains.

Equipment compatibility is guaranteed

Heinonen seems pleased with the choice because of their equipment compatibility and durability. “These have fit perfectly. We installed an O-Series crusher wear part pair in the LT330D mobile cone crusher in February. At the front of the crushing chain, we’ve a fixed O-Series jaw plate, which was installed in April. We have now crushed around 80,000 metric tons with them, and almost half of the wear life is still left. It seems we will exceed 100,000 metric tons by a good margin,” Heinonen says.

“We’ve been producing coarser aggregates , so the result is not completely comparable, but it seems they don’t wear quickly. The price-to-durability ratio is good,” Heinonen adds.

The company has cooperated with Metso Outotec for a long time. “Our cooperation has always run smoothly. Sometimes you need to raise your voice a little to get things going, but everything always works out fine,” Heinonen says with a laugh.

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Watch the video to hear more about Jari Heinonen's experiences with O-Series crusher wear parts.
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