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Sep 19, 2019

Noise and dust-suppressed Lokotrack Urban enables crushing in built-up areas

For a building project in Lier, Norway, Martin Rønning AS needed a solution that would remove the need to transport rocks to a remote location for crushing before returning the aggregate to the same construction site. That solution was the Metso Lokotrack® Urban™ LT106S, a mobile jaw crushing and screening plant that reduces the spread of noise by up to 60% compared to conventional crushers.

Martin Rønning AS is a land construction and transport company based in Asker, Norway, with operations in urban areas around Oslo and the surrounding region. The company was established in 1995, today employs 22, and has been a Metso customer since 2015.


*Video was produced by Martin Rønning AS, supported by Metso 

On a recent construction project in a densely populated area of Lier, between Drammen and Oslo, the company was looking for a way to reduce the cost of crushing locally sourced rocks. As Operations manager Svein-Erik Ryen explains, “Many times rocks are being extracted, driven away, and crushed somewhere else – then driven back to the same site as crushed material. We started thinking that it would make more sense to be able to crush the rocks ourselves.”

The main obstacle to doing this is that crushers are typically extremely noisy, meaning that the process must be performed a reasonable distance away from any residential areas in order to comply with environmental regulations. Not so with the Metso Lokotrack® Urban™ LT106S, which solves this issue thanks to its cutting-edge noise and dust suppression technology. This mobile crusher also comes with additional benefits that made it the perfect fit for this project and beyond.

Normally, getting the necessary permissions for crushing in an urban area is challenging due to noise restrictions. Enter the Lokotrack Urban LT106S. “This machine is quite special when compared to our previous machine. It has the latest motor technology, and it's noise and dust suppressed, which is very important for us in getting crushing permissions in the area where we are operating,” Ryen points out.

A more efficient way to crush

The LT106S uses noise covers and an internal water spraying system, which provide unique noise and dust suppression across several points, including the main conveyor beneath the crushing mechanism. Combined with the fact that it could be easily transported and used on the construction site, this made the whole process much more efficient, offering significant savings on transportation costs and time as well as being better for the environment.

Lokotrack® Urban™ LT106S at work at the Martin Rønning AS site

Lokotrack® Urban™ LT106S at work at the customer's site in Norway

Revolutionizing building projects in densely populated areas

As well as enabling savings in transportation costs and time due to being able to produce the aggregates on site, the new crusher also allows Martin Rønning AS to bid for more crushing and construction projects by making it easier for them to comply with noise and dust emission regulations, and therefore acquire the necessary permissions.

Anyone who has heard a conventional crusher will immediately notice the substantial reduction in noise offered by Metso’s advanced technology. In addition to the reduced noise pollution, other benefits to the environment include energy efficiency, lower atmospheric emissions, re-use of materials, and less pollution from transportation.

So much more than simple noise reduction

The Lokotrack Urban LT106S ticks all the right boxes for Martin Rønning AS. Even the name puts a smile on the face of the company’s employees. Ryen sums up: “The name of the machine fits it quite well, since it fits right into urban areas. So yes, this is the future of mobile crushing.”

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