Metso Insights Case studies Aggregates Nordplant™ - to create a new infrastructure in Senegal
Sep 15, 2021

Nordplant™ - to create a new infrastructure in Senegal

The Senegalese company Arezki Group was looking for solutions to produce aggregates so could upgrade a part of a national road N1 and create new infrastructure in the two sites at both ends of this road. That`s where Metso Outotec steps in - to find solutions for bringing value for the whole West Africa region.

Arezki Group has been into operation since 1962. Starting from transport and supply of building materials to the various European multi-national companies based in Senegal and Gambia, the company has been evolving throughout decades until the recent years when starting major construction projects for roads, airports and large bridges. As for the period from 2015 to 2020, the company counted for almost 600 million USO of scheduled and ongoing work.

Arezki was in contact with Metso Outotec some time ago. The company owns two crushing plants that are currently in operation - one Metso Outotec Nordplant™ in Guinee Bissau, bordering Senegal to the north and Guinea to the south­ east, and another crushing plant with Metso Outotec crushers in Mansadala, eastern Senegal.

Being pursued an excellent and consolidated relation with our team in the past, the client decided to trust on Metso Outotec solutions this time as well. Our team supplied two new Nordplant™ crushing plants to increase Arezki aggregates production capacity, needed for road and other construction works to be implemented. The team also provided solutions for aggregates, including mechanical and electrical engineering and manufacturing, transport, commissioning, and on-site trainings. Both projects were implemented successfully in 2020 despite the COVID-19 difficulties.

After the full two plants delivery and the road construction, both plants can supply the needs of the region in terms of aggregates for other infrastructure construction - this will bring benefits for the whole West Africa region.


  • Bad condition of a part of a strategically important road 
  • Inland site locations and not enough infrastructure to transport materials for a more efficient road construction
  • Not enough aggregates and quality for various other construction works in the whole region
  • Short delivery time
  • COVID-19 challenges

Not enough infrastructure and insufficient supply of aggregates

N1 road is the national road of Senegal. lt connects the west and the east of the country - starts at Dakar Port, the farthest point of the West African coast, and continues up to Kidira, located on the border with Mali. There`s no doubt - this road, connecting two countries, is of strategic importance for the whole West Africa region.

A part of this road, starting from Mansadala, located in Tambacounda region, and finishing on the border with Mali, especially needed rebuild. In order to upgrade this road section, it was a must to urgently create infrastructure in the two sites, located inland at each end of the road - Mansadala and Kidira, and ensure efficient and high quality aggregates production for various construction works, including this road's.

For this, Arezki implemented a global project to upgrade the existing Mansadala site so to increase its capacity, and build a completely new plant in Kidira. This place was chosen because of strategically relevant location at the end of N1 road, next to the border with Mali.

lt must be highlighted that implementation of the projects happened in 2020 - in the times of intensive and difficult COVID-19 situation, bringing its own challenges for the work organization, especially when having a short delivery time. During the pandemia, it was challenging for Metso Outotec supervisors to travel or continuously work on-site respecting safety distances and protocols. Also, the team experienced challenges on logistic operations and shipments.


  • 2 new aggregates solutions: Nordplant™ 5.1 Complete plant and Nordplant™ Compact HP200 CVB1845-4M
  • Pre-designed solutions for high aggregates quality and fast delivery
  • Full package including machines, steelworks, conveyors, and electrical equipment
  • Service in one-hand: managed engineering, transport, provided supervision for mechanical and electrical assembling, plant commissioning and on-site training for operators
  • Plants with new design and advanced technologies

Delivering end-to-end solutions

For this project, in order to increase aggregates production, the client ordered two new Nordplant™ crushing plants with new design and advanced technologies, and installed them in two different locations at the same time - Kidira and Mansadala.

In a new site of Kidira, there`s now a complete crushing and screening plant, Nordplant™ 5.1 with intermediate stockpile, including VF561-2V C120 2xHP300 CVB1845-4M CVB2060-4M. This full solution including machines, steelworks, conveyors and electrical equipment was delivered by Metso Outotec team.

Kidira site
Kidira site

Kidira`s end product includes aggregates fraction for road applications 0-3, 3-8, 8-16, 16-25 mm and 25-50 on demand to fulfill the region`s needs.

Nordplant One Compact Plant HP200
Nordplant One Compact Plant HP200

Close to the existing customer plant in Mansadala, at the same site, an independent solution was implemented - a new crushing line Nordplant™ Compact HP200 CVB1845-4M. lts main purpose is to increase aggregates capacity and quality and produce more fractions for road applications: 0-3, 3-8, 8-16 mm.

In this site, Metso Outotec team also delivered a full package including machines, steelworks, conveyors and electrical equipment. lt`s a compact skid solution to be integrated in the existing plant in Mansadala but suitable to be easily relocated in other two existing crushing plants, including the new Nordplant™ 5.1 in Kidira.


Mansadala site
Mansadala site


  • New infrastructure in the section of one of the main country`s roads
  • Increased customer aggregates production capacity and processes efficiency
  • High aggregates quality
  • Lower operating costs
  • Sufficient supply of aggregates for other infrastructure construction

Measured decisions bring multiple benefits

There's strength in partnerships. Metso Outotec sales team, having maintained a good relationship with the customer, played a crucial role in negotiation and contractual phase. The project itself was managed by Systems Macon Nordplant™ team.

Metso Outotec team also supported the client during the full plants assembling commissioning and on-site trainings with the presence of their supervisors on site. Plants were commissioned in November and December in 2020, on time and despite the short-required delivery. After commissioning, the client was supported by the Services team and placed an important order for wear and spares parts for both plants. Metso Outotec was able to manage both projects respecting the contractual terms and support the customer by supervisors on-site despite the critical situation due to the COVID-19.

Metso Outotec expertise and proposed solutions fit to overcome the challenges for the dient when creating new infrastructure in N1 road area. lt not only has left the client happy with the solution, but also brought multiple benefits.

New plants ensure lower costs and save a lot of time because now crushing can be done near the road construction, in the both ends of the road - at Kidira and Mansala sites. The version of the Nordplant™ 5.1 crushing plant, that the client owns, is with the main stockpile - this gives more flexibility to the process. The customer can now experience the advantage of this configuration, more industrial and with higher yield configuration.

Advanced technologies and improved design also allowed to facilitate the client`s daily work with easier maintenance and improved safety features. Moreover, the aggregates the client produces now are of higher quality and bigger capacity. Not only the two new plants have helped efficiently create new infrastructure in N1 road, but they will also ensure the sufficient supply of aggregates for other infrastructure construction all over the West Africa region.


We chose this module because we wanted to improve the quality of the gravel. We have been using it for more than five months and we are very satisfied with the performance which is excellent. Thank you for the good delivery service you had set up so that we could receive the crusher as soon as possible. Your professionalism has appealed to us a lot, so we wish you a very good continuation.
Mr. Salif, SOW plant manager, about the new crushing line in Mansadala site
We chose this installation to increase our production but also to have a better quality of gravel. we·re satisfied as the plant has performed well since installation. Thank you for respecting the delivery deadlines and also for accompanying us throughout this project. We hope that this partnership will always be beneficial for our two companies.
Mr. Abdel Halim GARA, Kidira plant manager, about the new full Nordplant™ 5.1
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