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Jul 14, 2020

VE-Log GmbH extends its Lokotrack fleet with a new impactor plant with a screen

The Bavarian railway and transport logistics specialist VE-Log GmbH extends its crushing fleet with a brand new mobile impact crusher plant with a screen from Metso – the Lokotrack LT1213S. The first job of the new crushing plant is to process 300,000 tons of medium-hard limestone for railroad protective layer and motorway base materials.

“Our target is to crush and screen this amount during about 1,5 years with an average capacity of 220 tons per hour. We will use our new Lokotrack in one shift and produce 0-45 mm, 0-56 mm and 0-63 mm sized materials,” comments Managing director Thomas Schmeisser of VE-Log GmbH.

“In addition, our 5th Metso plant will be used for asphalt recycling. Last year, we did process 120 000 tons of asphalt for recycling,” he adds.

Lokotrack pictured from the back at a factory.

One-stage crushing after blasting

The NP1213M impact crusher on-board the Lokotrack can take large limestone boulders to its 1,3 x 0,9 meter sized crusher opening. This makes VE-Log’s crushing process very simple and efficient:

“We will just plan the blasting in an exact manner to make sure that all particles can be fed directly to the impact crusher. This way, we will only need one crushing stage,” Thomas Schmeisser stresses.

“This adds significantly to our overall operating economy. The LT1213S’ closed circuit mode, taking oversized materials after screening back to the crusher using return conveyor, makes all this possible.”

The end products will be used as the lowest layers for road and railroad construction projects.

“LT300HP is a superior railway ballast machine” 

Before the purchase of the LT1213S impactor plant, VE-Log already owned two LT1213 units, a LT120 jaw and a LT300HP cone plants. All Lokotracks have been sold by Metso’s German distributor Fischer-Jung GmbH.

During 2019, some 400 000 tons of hard granite has been processed as two-stage crushing with the units.

“I must say that LT300HP cone plant is a superior machine – probably world’s best crusher to produce railway ballast. Processing granite, we have achieved a capacity of 320 tons per hour with this two-stage plant,” Thomas Schmeisser notes.

“And what is best in Metso, they can deliver us 95% of all necessary spare and wear parts as the next day delivery, which is not common among the construction industry manufacturers.”

Using the company’s LT120 jaw plant alone, VE-Log has scored a huge amount of 7900 tons of 0-200 mm end products during a three-shift working day.

Specialists in railways and logistics

VE-Log GmbH, found in 2004, has specialized in services of railway and transport logistics. The company employs about 60 employees and has their home office in Erlangen, near Nuremberg. VE-Log has also successfully carried out several foreign projects in Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Denmark.

The assignment of VE-Log ranges from area management, handling of goods, transport, supply and disposal with bulk cargo to additional building services, including crushing contracting.

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