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Feb 6, 2023

Metso Outotec performs complex stacker-reclaimer refurbishment for Brazilian mining company to extend machine’s service life

The project involved refurbishing a stacker-reclaimer supplied by a 3rd party OEM. The scope included specialized reverse engineering, disassembly, structural parts fabrication and field assembly.

Metso Outotec used its extensive know-how as a stockyard equipment supplier to extend the service life of the ore stacker/reclaimer dating from the 1970s that was in a critical structural condition. The service contract was delivered in September 2022 and is an example of a technological upgrade and service life extension project focused on reliability and availability. One of the highlights is the fact that it was performed on the equipment from another manufacturer.

The challenge started during the proposal phase, as it had an old design and no detailed engineering documents available. This led to great engineering efforts to collect reliable field data for the refurbishment project.

With all the engineered, manufactured and assembled parts weighing around 200 tons, the machine had to be 3D modeled using Metso Outotec's cutting-edge technologies. The field engineering services team started with the survey and identification of parts that could not be reused and therefore had to be fabricated by Metso Outotec. During the reverse engineering process, the parts dimensions were checked on-site individually. Later, Metso Outotec experts made a model that could be used to perform detailed engineering and perform the structural calculations that guaranteed the project delivery to the applicable standards and criteria.

Picture of the 3D rebuilt reclaimer
Picture of the 3D rebuilt reclaimer

The design phase took only three months out of a one-year project, but it made the disassembly and assembly steps easier. This phase involved the Metso Outotec team and a contractor with more than 45 professionals.

As mentioned, the initial contract stages also involved specifying the disassembly and assembly area and the execution strategy.  A challenging element included the very large and heavy parts, which demanded a special handling procedure.

The main differentiator for Metso Outotec in this type of project is our expertise in both repair and upgrade projects combined with parts fabrication. As our expertise was required throughout the entire process, we were able to mobilize our engineering department to detail the design while using the service department, who executed the disassembly and assembly steps in line with the end customer’s guidelines, which is one of the largest iron ore mining companies in Brazil.

The stacker/reclaimer operates in the ore handling and shipment yards for the client’s pellet plant and was shut down before the mining company decided to proceed with its refurbishment. Yard operations did not stop as the mining company had other material handling equipment.

With previous expertise in these types of projects, Metso Outotec suggested improvements for the new parts that were manufactured as well as in the entire site execution process. Improvements were suggested particularly in the final assembly phase, as they could be followed up by the customer by means of an app with daily updated information.

Metso Outotec holds its own technology, with expertise in bulk handling equipment refurbishment, upgrade and reliability. By having an expert team that can assess and perform engineering services, we can execute highly complex projects.


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