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Ship Throwers and Trimmers

Ship Throwers and Trimmers

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Ship trimmers and throwers are designed to provide fast and high speed throw for maximum loading and stacking of bulk materials. Thrower-type trimmers transport bulk materials more evenly to occupy the space surrounding the hatch in the ships hold

  • Constructed of abrasive resistant liners, sand grade rubber belt, reinforced discs and triple seal bearing with covers.
  • Handles abrasive and wet materials as well as dry bulk materials.
  • Fast with high speed streams

  • Increased storage range up to ten times.
  • Increased loading capabilities.
  • Durable and dependable.


Ship trimmers and throwers are the ideal method for uniform loading into a ship’s hold or increasing your stockpile capabilities with their short endless belt that operates over two pulleys driven at high speed.  A pair of idler discs form a conveying arc.  A chute directs material onto the belt at the rear slope and material travels around the short conveying arc pressed against the belt by centrifugal force.  Material leaves the belt as a high speed stream.  Their swivel joint allows them to pivot and cover a large loading or stockpiling area.

Portal centrifugal-action bulk material pilers are also available which handle materials brought to one point that can be stockpiled in a wide range of heights and distances.  Portable pilers eliminate the need for overhead conveyor structures.  Storage piles can be created indoors or outdoors with one compact, portable machine.

Common use cases:

Trimmers and throwers are used for shiploading, stockpiling, and container loading.

Applicable industries:

  • Grain
  • Rock
  • Salt
  • Woodchip
  • Fertilizer
  • Sugar
  • Food Processing industries
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