Wherever you load or unload materials for rail or barge transportation, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Why partner with Metso?

Safety & reliability

Superior safety with fewer repairs and maintenance, lower noise, less spillage and a cleaner environment.



Lower environmental impact

Retrofits & refurbishments significantly reduce raw material consumption when compared with the procurement of new equipment.

OEM quality, warranty & support

Unmatched parts quality with standard factory warranty and dedicated local support.


  • Inexpensive and dependable
  • Horizontal units can be controlled wirelessly from a handheld device
  • Vertical units can be controlled with a footswitch


  • Pull range from 2,500 to 7,800 pounds

  • Handle up to 5 railcars on straight and level track

  • Electrical controls and accessories can be supplied with all units.

Vertical drum

The operator attaches a hook or loop to the railcar or barge and manually snubs the rope on a vertical capstan with sufficient tension for the proper operating pull. The pulling distance is only limited by the operator’s strength in handling the rope. Both models are equipped with high starting torque TEFV motors. Optional equipment includes special motors and a holding brake.

Vertical drum dimensions
Vertical drum dimensions
Vertical drum specifications
Vertical drum specifications
Horizontal drum

The rope is attached to the horizontal drum, which eliminates the need for snubbing and reduces the handling of the wire rope. Up to 500 feet of rope can be stored on the drum when properly wound. The 16-H model features a heavy-duty handwheel clutch that releases the drum to pay out the stored rope and engages to pull without manual rope tension. High starting torque TEFV motors are standard equipment. Optional equipment includes special motors, holding brake, variable frequency drive, sheaves, wire rope and electrical controls.

Horizontal drum
Horizontal drum dimensions
Horizontal drum dimensions
Horizontal drum specifications
Horizontal drum specifications

  • Ideal for use as a breasting winch for barge handling.

  • Adaptable for many jobs requiring one-directional railcar pulling

  • Used in dockside applications for towing mooring lines to the dock


Applicable industries:

  • Ports and terminals

  • Steel works

  • Electric power

  • Mobile home manufacturing

  • Quarries and aggregate plants

  • Pulp and paper mills

  • Feed and grain

  • Fertilizer

  • Potash

  • Anywhere solid or liquid materials are loaded or unloaded for rail or barge transport

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