Metso Mining Material handling Railcar Unloading Solutions

Railcar Unloading Solutions

Dependability drives productivity

Metso Railcar Unloading Solutions redefine dependability with class leading capabilities in design and engineering that advance your productivity goals while ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership.


Over 115 years of experience in railcar unloading and setting industry benchmarks

Railcar dumpers

Up to 40 cycles per hour, Capacity up to

> 11,000 tons per hour

Positioning systems

Train weight up to 30,000 tons, Hauling speed up to .75 m/s

Holding devices

Ensures complete control and accurate positioning of the string of railcars

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Railcar Unloading Solutions - Dependability drives productivity

Metso Railcar Unloading Solutions has over 115 years of industry experience and consistently is setting new industry benchmarks. With a large global installation base, we offer a wide range of coverage in both applications and industry segments.

Our second to none process expertise with class leading design and engineering capabilities meets any project need no matter how challenging or complex. With our complete portfolio of equipment, find an integrated and dependable solution that helps drive productivity goals.

Industry setting benchmarks:

  • Unloading up to 100 cars per hour or more
  • Unloading rates up to 11,000 tons per hour or more
  • Up to 178 tonne pull
  • Hauling speed up to .76 meters per second
  • Move up to 240 cars per hour

Key benefits:

  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Completely automatic operation
  • High availability
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • High throughput
Railcar dumpers
Railcar dumpers

The superior quality of Metso railcar dumpers continues to be a global benchmark in dumper design. The best features of heritage brands combined with advanced technologies make dependability, efficient operation and long service life an expected result.

Metso offers 3 unique railcar dumpers to fit a wide range of applications:

  • Rotary
  • Crescent (C-frame)
  • Rotaside (Highlift option available)

Learn more about Metso railcar dumpers.

Positioning systems

Positioning systems provide automated, accurate placement and control of the railcar dumper. Without proper positoning system selection, railcar unloading could result in a loss of production or increased downtime because of poor railcar management.

Metso offers many different positioning systems to fit your needs:

  • Rack and pinion
  • Wire rope
  • NOLAN hydraulic car movers (HCM)
  • Traversers
  • Ejectors
Positioning systems
Holding devices
Holding devices

Holding devices provide an essential role in railcar unloading. By holding the railcar dumper in place that ensures both complete control and accurate positioning of the railcars for optimum cycle times. Holding devices also prevents transmissions of forces from the string of railcars to the dumper cage.

Metso offers 3 holding devices to optimize railcar unloading:

  • Wheel locks
  • Wheel clamps
  • Holding arm
Railcar dumper system upgrades

Whether old or new, we can help bring your railcar dumper system to the next level. We have a wide variety of upgrades available to get your railcar dumper performing like a modern-day machine. Explore some of the upgrade options here – however many more exist.

Discover the Metso railcar dumper system upgrade which is best fitting for you.

Railcar dumper system upgrades
Find out how Metso has helped work with our customers to provide them the solutions they need to maximize their operations.
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