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Grab bucket unloaders

Grab bucket unloaders

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Today’s high-speed grab bucket (clamshell) unloaders feature short duty-cycles and large capacity grabs for greater unloading volume and efficiency.

  • Rail mounted, grab bucket unloaders position themselves to facilitate unloading practices.

  • Stationary mounted grabs require a barge/ship positioning system.

  • Ergonomically designed operator’ cabs employ latest technology graphic controls.

  • Semi-automatic rope and bucket control enhance unloading efficiency.

  • Fast and safe bulk vessel unloading.

  • Automated controls ease operator fatigue.

  • Accommodate all types and sizes of bulk vessels.

  • Today’s grab unloaders offer onboard controls and troubleshooting.


A clamshell bucket, typically controlled by winches and wire rope, digs and hoists bulk materials from the transport vessel, lifting and discharging it into an onboard hopper . As this process is repeated, various types of feeders at the hopper discharge load the material onto a conveyor for transporting to its destination or transfer point.

Common use cases:

  • Electric power

  • Ports and terminals

  • Steel works

  • Metal recycling

  • Wood chips,

  • Sugar cane,

  • Anywhere bulk solids are unloaded from ship and/or barge transport.

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