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Slurry hose systems

Integrated solution with extensive application expertise

Fully integrated slurry hose systems are built and designed on years of firsthand application experience. Single-source supplier of integrated hose system lowers maintenance cost and ensures greater uptime.

Fully integrated slurry hose systems

Fully integrated slurry hose systems from Metso include easily exchangeable components including hoses, couplings and gaskets available in a wide array of diameters. We also offer support beam structures, clamps rubber lined steel pipes and pipe bends at various angle to solve every slurry transportation challenge.

Metso hose systems, beam structures and components are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Our engineers, with deep application expertise, will help you develop and install a system that is not only safe but also highly reliable and efficient.


Trellex rubber hoses

Rubber slurry hoses are used for sections of slurry hose systems containing bends, differences in levels and unevenness. The flexible rubber hose can be easily adjusted to different lengths, or, to a certain degree, bent to requirements. For the recommended bend radius, see our catalogue Slurry Hose System Design Manual. The rubber hoses require support in the form of a support beam along the whole installation.

Rubber lined steel pipes

The rubber lined steel pipe is an alternative to the rubber hose for the straighter sections of the slurry hose system. The rubber lined steel pipe is available in 3 m, 6 m and 10 m lengths. The rubber lined steel pipe does not need an support beam, only supports at each end.

3xD bends

Bends are used in tight spaces, where the smallest bend radius of the hose is not enough.

Couplings and gaskets

Aluminum couplings are placed between the hose lengths, which give fully tight joints when combined with the steel tube reinforced rubber seals. The flexible rubber seals help compensate for the unevenness in the joints, while also protecting the couplings from direct contact with the slurry. The same type of couplings and seals are used for both rubber hoses and rubber lined steel pipes.

  • World class reliability and plant safety
  • Robust construction and design maximize wear life
  • Easily interchangeable parts
  • Highly adaptable for every plant layout
  • Reduce challenges related to vibration and noise
  • Minimize flow resistance
  • Easy to maintain and service
  • Prevent exposure of gaskets and couplings to abrasive medium
  • Integrated slurry distribution systems
  • Mineral processing plants 
  • Power plants
  • Steel and cement works
  • Coal refinement plants
  • Concentration plants
  • Sand, lime and glass plants
  • Quarry applications
  • Coal preparation and power plants
  • Steel and cement works

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