slurry pipes

Slurry pipes

Designed for demanding pumping processes

Metso slurry pipe system is designed to be used in various abrasive pumping applications such as mill discharge, high pressure pumps, tailings, demanding slurry pump applications and gravity pipes.

Metso slurry pipe system is based on swivel flange hoses, swivel flange rubber bends and rubber lined steel pipes. Ceramic linings are also available including swivel flange for highly abrasive applications. With close attention to details the pipe system has been developed to meet the highest standard of quality. The system is dimensionally interchangeable with standard steel pipe lines for easy and low maintenance.

slurry Pipe abrasive materials
  • World class reliability and plant safety
  • Robust construction and design to maximize wear life
  • Easily interchangeable parts
  • Highly adaptable for every plant layout
  • Interchangeable with standard steel pipe lines
  • Ceramic lining for highly abrasive applications  

Metso slurry pipe system

Rubber lined steel pipes
The rubber lined steel pipes are designed to be used in various abrasive pumping applications. Applications such as mill discharge, high pressure pumps, long tailings lines, demanding slurry pump applications and gravity pipes. Each end with vulcanized rubber seal fixed flange.

The hoses and bends are equipped with a thick long-life wear rubber with a smooth surface and low flow resistance. A swivel flange designed specifically for high dynamic loads and easy assembly. The swivel flange forms a reliable system to retain the free flow area without turbulence.  

The Metso swivel 5D bends are flexible and can be installed in a variety of different angles where ordinary bends are not suitable due to confined space. These can be bent into position where ordinary bends are not suitable. Swivel flange 5D bends can be replaced with 5D steel bends where an extra-long wear life is needed.  

Ceramic hoses and bends
The ceramic hoses and bends have built-in ceramics, hot-vulcanized and combined with cord layers for abrasive applications. Applications such as mill discharge, high pressure pumps, demanding slurry pump applications and gravity flow.  

  • Mill discharge pumps
  • High pressure pumps
  • Tailing lines
  • Gravity pipe systems


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