A full set of special tools developed and tested by our experts in the field.


Metso provides a special set of special tools for the replacement of the crusher’s mantle and concave liners including:

  • Concave removal trays and burning platform
  • Concave installation carousel
  • Crusher safety platform
  • Spider access platforms
  • Crusher access ladder

Concave Removal Trays:

Safe and efficient removal of worn concave liners using a system with three lifting trays

Crusher Safety Platform

Increases crew comfort, mobility and productivity by allowing them to work in the crusher dumping pit without a lifeline while reducing the risk of accidents.

Concave Installation Carousel

Liners can be installed an entire row at a time instead of positioning and lifting each concave liner individually. This provides a dramatic improvement in the time required for concave liner installation and improves safety.


Findings demonstrate very substantial time savings achieved during shutdowns provided by a unique combination of experience in the field and and the development of proper tooling for concave crushers.

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