Metso Full portfolio Acid mist capture system
Metso acid mist capture system reduces acid emissions to the environment and helps to protect the health of employees. The system includes an off-gas scrubbers, which are capable of handling large gas volumes with optimized pressure drop and separation efficiency, and cell hoods that cover the electrolytic cells and prevent acid mist from being released into the surrounding atmosphere.


  • Ensures a safe working environment, minimizes environmental impact, and helps to avoid building and equipment corrosion by preventing acid mist from being released into the surrounding atmosphere.
  • Over 98% of sulfuric acid and copper sulfate can be recovered.
  • 100% of wash water can be recycled back into the process, reducing cost and environmental footprint.
  • Highly automated system requires minimal operator input, has high availability, and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Scalable, pre-engineered solution can be dimensioned to fit any size of plant.
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