Metso Full portfolio Automatic Pallet Car Changing Device
Eliminate the manual effort via automation: A safe, reliable and faster way to get more productivity out of your existing machines.
production gain

~ 60% production loss reduction per exchange by replacing the traditional method with the automatic one

Improved safety

Improved operational safety

maintenance costs

Extended lifetime with reduced maintenance and spare-part costs


High pellet
quality with consistent properties


Automatic Pallet Car Changing Device

The Automatic Pallet Car Changing Device is an automation tool offers a safe, reliable and cost-effective way of changing pallet cars without downtime. The tool automatically reduces the operating speeds of the traveling grate machine and then removes and inserts pallet cars -- without any manual intervention.

This optimizes the maintenance procedure and sequence, which improves overall plant performance, extends the equipment lifetime, and reduces maintenance and spare-part costs.


  • ~ 60% production loss reduction per exchange by replacing the traditional method with the automatic one
  • Improved operational safety by automized heavy load handling
  • Increased production by uninterrupted pelletizing plant operations during pallet car change
  • Extended equipment lifetime by easier maintenance
  • Improved product quality and homogeneity
pallet cars
The innovation
pallet car
How it works

Pull & Push: Two step mechanism

  • The curved rails at the lifting wheel open at points to pull the pallet car from the return track to the lower holding track
  • A new pallet car is inserted/pushed from the upper holding track to the traveling grate machine
  • The automated process enables continuous pallet car changes without halting the production

A perfect combination

Metso‘s Automatic Pallet Car Changing Device and Pallet Car Condition Monitoring

Automatic pallet car changing device can offer unmatched results when combined with Metso’s proven Pallet Car CMS (Condition Monitoring System). By using them together, the maintenance procedure can be further optimized.

The CMS enables the maintenance of the pallet cars, by providing accurate advice on:
• The right moment to turn the center castings
• Identification and recommendation of replacement of missing or damaged components at
optimal time

This supports the planning and execution of preventive maintenance of the most important assets in a pelletizing and sintering plant.

pallet automation
Upcoming Webinar
Our experts, Mr. Olavo Nolasco and Mr. Mario Silagi will share insights and information on how this automation tool will benefit and work in your individual plants.


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