Metso Full portfolio Classifiers - for dry and wet separation
Classifiers maximize separation and recovery.


Maximize separation and recovery

Classifiers help to achieve optimum size control, improved product quality, enhanced efficiency and increased throughput. They can be used in mining operations as well as in aggregates and manufactured sand production.

Better product quality

Adjust easily and accurately to achieve required particle size with high precision.


World class wet classification technology for a wide variety of ores such as copper, gold, iron, lead, zinc and industrial minerals.

Air classifiers

Effectively classify materials such as fly ash, cement, sand, pozzolan, soda ash, fertilizer and industrial minerals.

Low maintenance costs

Engineered to perform for longer with less required maintenance.

Dry and wet classification have different benefits.
Wet or dry?

Classifiers are machines that sort materials according to their size, shape, and density. They can be divided into two different categories based on the technology they use.

Air classifiers separate materials by utilizing a dry process. Hydrocyclones, on the other hand, sort particles in a liquid suspension.

Air classifiers can be used in aggregates production, manufacturing sand, industrial minerals production, as well as in mining operations. 

Hydrocyclones are most often utilized in mining applications.

Air classifiers

Air classifiers separate and recover ultrafine, fine and coarse materials in mining, aggregates production, sand manufacturing and other industrial processes.

Metso's range of dry classification equipment covers gravitational air classifiers, gravitational inertial air classifiers, centrifugal air classifiers, cyclonic air classifiers, gyrotor air classifiers and portable air classifiers.

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Air classifiers are ideal for dry separation.

High level wet classification in mining is necessary for efficient size control of particles finer than 1 mm.

There are different methods of wet classification, but when the particles size range is 100-10 micron, hydrocyclones are the optimal choice.

Metso's hydrocyclones provide maximum process performance and uptime during wet classification applications.

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Hydrocyclones provide maximum process performance and uptime in wet classification applications.
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