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Rotary dryers and coolers

Rotary dryers and coolers

Technology serves a wide range of industries.

Specially designed lifters allows the material to be showered into the hot or cold gas stream

Metso has installations all over the world that serve almost any industry's cooling and drying needs.  What sets Metso apart from the competition is the specially designed lifters that allow the material to be showered into the hot or cold gas stream.  A low velocity is required, which means a low particulate carryover occurs, which improves the product yield.

  • Simple system
  • Flexibility in the fuels used
  • The number of installations and years of experience
  • Capability of supplying and installing anywhere in the world
  • True understanding of process conditions

Rotary dryers and coolers can be installed as standalone units or Complete systems deliveries including PLC, Dust Collection, Product Conveying (Feed and Discharge) Exhaust Gas Handling, Heat Exchanging, and Fuel Delivery Systems

  • Mechanical simplicity
  • Continuous operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Number of industries served
Rotary dryers coolers - How it works
How it works?

The Rotary Drying and Cooling equipment utilizes a hot gas stream or cold gas stream that mixes with the product.  The product is mixed with the air stream by utilizing lifters that shower the product in the air stream.  The mechanical lifting aides in breaking clumps, which aides in the drying process. The equipment is set on an incline and conveys material down the cylindrical shaft. 

Rotary Drying and Cooling is used in a wide variety of applications and industries where there is a need for a large throughput of material to be processed.  The Rotary equipment is suited for different sized particles, large and small, and different moistures as well.  Product temperatures can be easily controlled in the equipment, and the process know how of Metso allows for a consistent process product.

Applicable industries:

  • Mineral and Coal applications
  • Iron Ore
  • Plastic and Polymer
  • Limestone
  • Potash & Phosphate Industries
  • Rare Earth Elements
  • Sodium & Salts
  • Clays
  • Wood FIber and Wood Chips
  • Yellow Cake
  • Waste sludge

Standard ranges for drying and cooling

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