Metso Full portfolio Copper Cobalt Sulfating Roasting

Copper Cobalt Sulfating Roasting

Get excellent metals recovery with Metso's copper cobalt sulfating roasting solution.
  • Process optimized for cobalt recovery
  • No additional fuel required even with low sulfide levels in the concentrate
  • Works with ambient air, with no need for an oxygen plant
  • Can be integrated into existing sulfuric acid plant
  • Increased profitability for small and medium- sized plants

Sulfating roasting is generally used for processing copperconcentrates in combination with electrowinning. The copper sulfide is transformed into water-soluble copper sulfate and the iron sulfide into insoluble iron oxide. Standard sulfating roasters run with a slurry feed and do not require a waste-heat boiler system in the off-gas stream.

• Proven technology for cobalt and copper production
• Optimized for small and medium-size plants (annual copper production of 30,000–50,000 metric tons)
• Autothermic process operating at medium temperatures
• Insensitive to various concentrate impurities
• Roaster concept based on dry or slurry feed to achieve autothermal conditions

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