Metso Full portfolio Ferroflame™ LowNOx
Ferroflame™ LowNOx

Ferroflame™ LowNOx

Hydrogen & natural gas burners for travelling grate pelletizing plants

The world's first hydrogen LowNOx burner for travelling grate pelletizing plants that can help reduce CO₂ and NOx emissions.

Designed by the world’s leading pelletizing plant supplier to meet the future demands for your pelletizing plant

Ferroflame™ LowNOx burner has been designed using the latest techniques and validated with natural gas and hydrogen. It can reduce NOx emissions by up to 80% compared to traditional burner designs. Moreover, the lower NOx emission targets can be achieved at lower Capex and Opex levels than competing solutions. The Ferroflame LowNOx burner can also increase product quality through improved temperature uniformity in the furnace. Suitable for use with gaseous and liquid fuels, the Ferroflame LowNOx is a reliable and robust burner solution with excellent cold start up characteristics. That meets the requirements for new pelletizing plants as well as extending the potential life of existing plants. Small-scale trials with hydrogen have proven an excellent burner performance.

Hydrogen powered Ferroflame LowNOx burners use the same combustion principle as that of Ferroflame LowNOx burner for natural gas launched in 2022. They can readily replace traditional burners in a travelling grate pelletizing plant, and customers with Ferroflame LowNOx burners for natural gas also have the possibility to modify these burners to work with hydrogen.

An effective way to minimize CO₂ and NOx emissions from the combustion process.

  • Hydrogen as carbon free fuel to support decarbonization
  • Substantial reduction of NOx emissions by up to 80% with natural gas
  • Low thermal penalty on natural gas ~ 10%
  • Increased product pellet homogeneity and quality
  • Increased refractory lifetime
  • Optimization of NOx vs. Opex balance with digital solutions
  • Proven technology
  • Easy retrofit of existing plants
Ferroflame™ LowNOx burner

Attain CO₂ and NOx emission targets in a cost-effective manner

A tested and proven solution

  • Developed in small and full-scale tests in laboratory and on-site as well as using CFD simulations
  • Proven for natural gas, hydrogen, diesel and coke oven gas
  • Successful plant operation with natural gas at first customer since 2019

Designed to meet your needs

  • Customized for your needs and can easily be retrofitted in existing plants
  • Can be supplied in conjunction with the Burner Management System (BMS) and fuel handling system to meet the latest standards
  • Suitable for Capex as well as Brownfield and upgrade projects

Hydrogen-variant available

  • Tested with pure hydrogen in small-scale
  • Excellent burner performance and low NOx emissions
  • Metso offers the Ferroflame LowNOx for hydrogen for all Travelling Grate Pelletizing Plants
  • LowNOx burners for natural gas can be easily converted to operate with up to 100% hydrogen
Metso Advantage

Own proprietary Ferroflame™ burner family for travelling grate pellet plants:

  • Standard burners
  • Hydrogen burners
  • LowNOx burners
  • Convertible gas burners, prepared for later easy conversion to LowNOx operation


  • Combustion audit and process evaluation
  • Modelling (CFD and physical)
  • BMS and flame safety
  • Burner ancillaries (ignitors, pilots, support systems, fans)
  • Gas and oil valve trains
  • Fuel system design
  • SNCR systems
  • Site survey, process audit, detail design, training, spare parts and many such services available on request
Ferroflame™ LowNOx burner
Product webinar - Reduce your NOx emissions with Ferroflame™ LowNOx burner


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