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Filter Optimizer

Filter optimizer

Improved filter performance and optimized energy consumption

The Metso Filter optimizer joins an experienced and proven family of optimizers. The Filter optimizer improves the performance of Metso pressure filters by enabling more precise control over the solid-liquid separation process.

Improved filter performance

Adapting to changing process conditions with constant control


Maximum productivity

Manual inputs can be minimized by increasing levels of automation


Optimized energy consumption

Constant measurement and control


Comprehensive services

Remote connectivity and performance monitoring

Improved filter performance and optimized energy consumption

The Metso Filter optimizer improves the performance of Metso pressure filters by enabling more precise control over the solid-liquid separation process.The Filter optimizer stabilizes the effect of upstream process variations, provides tools for improved process control, and reduces the need for manual intervention.

Optimized filter performance even under changing process conditions

Filtration cycles are traditionally controlled by recipes divided into different subroutines. With multiple parameters to take into account, it can be challenging to correctly adjust the filtration process to address  changes in slurry characteristics or filter media condition.

Filter performance is traditionally evaluated through laboratory samples and by monitoring cake weight. Because samples are typically collected only once per shift or even less frequently, operators cannot respond immediately to process changes; these can be rapid, such as changes in slurry density, or slow, such as filter-cloth clogging.

The Metso Filter optimizer application calculates new setpoints for the most important subroutines cycle by cycle based on changes in filter performance.

Maximized productivity with minimal manual input

Each cake is measured after discharge and new setpoints calculated based on residual moisture and cycle time, optimizing the filter cycle. Automated moisture sampling and parameter adjustment on every cycle reduce the need for manual input from operators and enable more precise control over moisture levels.

Optimized energy consumption and increased process visibility

Because the Filter optimizer calculates new setpoints following changes in filter performance, compressed air usage in the controlled air-drying sequence is optimized, which in turn optimizes energy consumption.

The application includes an integrated historical database with KPI calculations and process subroutine trends, increasing process visibility and providing a powerful tool for performance evaluation.

Comprehensive support via remote and on-site optimization services

Our process optimization services help to optimize the productivity and resource efficiency of your production processes by matching the specific challenges in your operating environment with in-depth process and technology experience from our global installed base. As part of the delivery we can support you with optimizer performance reporting, annual on-site maintenance visits, remote support, and on-site support including filtration process support.

Remote connectivity to the filter control system enables rapid support and fine-tuning of system parameters to address any issues and maximize optimizer performance.

Based on comprehensive follow-up and reporting, Metso experts can also support your installation with a variety of on-site optimization services designed to improve your filters’ production output within the constraints of the required moisture content.

How the Filter optimizer works

The Filter optimizer automatically adjusts the filter's process performance and adapts to the upstream process variations. Instead of relying on manual moisture sampling and cake-weight monitoring, new setpoints are calculated on the go and are adjusted automatically.

Scope of supply

Metso's Filter optimizer typical scope of supply includes:

  • Moisture analyzer
  • APC system (Server, Control room operator interface, VPN router for remote connectivity)
  • Engineering and project management including control design and set up
  • Comissioning including system implementation, startup and controller fine tuning
  • Operator training
Set point values

The set point values that are adjusted by the applications are:

  • Feed amount (Filtration subroutine)
  • Pressing delta-pressure (Pressing subroutine)
  • Air-drying time (Air-drying subroutine)


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