Metso Full portfolio FlooDaf Microflotation system
FlooDaf Microflotation system

FlooDaf Microflotation system

Metso FlooDaf® Microflotation system is a highly efficient dispersion water system suitable for various water or effluent clarification applications. It offers excellent performance for fluctuating process water recycling with low maintenance requirements.

With more than 500 installations worldwide, this reliable and proven technology has a small footprint and high separation efficiency.

  • Automatic sludge and water-level control
  • Good tolerance for hydraulic and solid variations
  • No need for external water recycling to stabilize inlet flow
  • Low overall capital expenditure and operating costs
  • Low maintenance requirements and excellent aftermarket care
FlooDaf Microflotation system

How FlooDaf microflotation works?

Microflotation, or dissolved air flotation (DAF), is a well-known method of particle separation. Air is dissolved in water under pressure, forming microbubbles when the pressurized water is released. Chemical, physical, and electrical forces cause the suspended solids and colloids to attach to the air bubbles and each other. These particle flocs then float to the surface and are scraped off. Coagulation or flocculation chemicals are used to enhance the process.

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