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HRC™e high pressure grinding rolls (HPGR)

Superior grinding and energy efficiency

The HRC™e high pressure grinding rolls (HPGR) is evolving the industry standard for grinding efficiency. Using innovative technology of flanges and an anti-skew assembly, the HRC™e HPGR brings an energy efficient and high throughput solution while reducing operational costs.

Energy efficiency

Improve energy efficiency by up to 15%


Decreased circulating load

Lower circulating load by up to 24%


High throughput

Increased throughput by up to 19%


Ease of maintenance

Simple edge segment replacement, dust enclosure and unique feed chute design

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The Metso HRC™e HPGR provides superior grinding and energy efficiency.

Superior grinding and energy efficiency

Challenges for grinding are arising. Installation and energy costs are increasing, declining ore grades, stricter regulations and more. As grinding plays an essential role in minerals processing, the need for innovation in grinding is critical to circuit optimization. 

The Metso HRCe high pressure grinding rolls (HPGR) is combining proven technology with a customer-focused evolution for superior grinding and energy efficiency to help optimize your operations.

Maximum productivity

The HRC™e HPGR takes proven technology and enhances it. The high throughput comes from the elimination of the edge effect with the flange design, which will ultimately maximize the amount of crushed material. With the skew control system you will find faster restarts and minimize downtime from skewing events. 

The HRCe also comes with a large feed size acceptance and improved energy efficiency compared to similar HPGRs. Boosting the efficiency and cost savings. 

Ease of maintenance

The HRCe HPGR creates a safe and simple maintenance operation. The edge segments replacement process is simple due to the bolted design and flange integration. The dust enclosure separates the crushing zone from critical mechanical components within the machine.

The unique feed chute also comes with control gates for quick maintenance and reliable start up. These features and reduced tire wear life leads to low downtime.

Skew control system

The skew control system is a field-proven mechanical solution that balances the loads by the distributor device ensuring the tires remain parallel for maximum efficiency. The system is also is self monitoring and evaluates skewing, segregation and mechanical condition of the parts.

The skew control system increases availability and reliability of the machine by controlling skewing events and allows for flange rolls assembly.

Tire assembly flange rolls

Metso is the only OEM to successfully operate reliable flanges. The flange rolls eliminate the edge effect by evenly distributing the material, which also maximizes the amount of crushed material during the process. 

The HRC™e HPGR flange rolls bring improved energy efficiency, reduces the circulating load and increased tire life.

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HRC™e HPGR technical specifications

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