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Lokotrack® mobile sizer

Lokotrack® mobile sizer

High productivity from proven and modular designs

Lokotrack® mobile sizer provides a fully integrated crushing solution designed for mining soft ores and aggregates applications. It is fully mobile at site and offers connectivity to Lokolink® conveyor systems.


Fully mobile, modular and configurable designs and can be used as stand alone or multi-stage crushing



Ease of maintenance

Ease of access to service points, simple and quick component replacement without hot works


Safe and simple operation

Fully integrated, smart automation features and remote control ability


High productivity

High throughput, high reduction rate, high capacity and handles wide range of materials

Fully integrated, productive and flexible crushing solution

When compared to hard rock mining applications, soft ores and aggregates require a different process when working. Specifically when it comes to equipment for material size reduction. 

The Metso Lokotrack® mobile sizer comes from a proven, mobile design and is equipped with a sizer as a direct need from the market. Our sizers provide a fully integrated, flexible and modular crushing solution which enables high productivity, ease of maintenance and a safe and simple operation.  


This Lokotrack® sizer proves it's flexibility by being a fully mobile crushing option. The track drive is always fueled by diesel and the sizer and other process components are electric driven. This allows the unit to move freely in the pit without external cables, which maximizes energy efficiency as well.

The mobile sizer provides flexibility from the modular design. It can be used as a stand alone unit or can be connected to the Metso Lokolink™ conveyor system. Combined with the Lokolink® conveyor system this adds to the unit versatility and smooth transportation of materials.

Ease of maintenance

The sizer knows the importance of ease of maintenance to reduce downtime. The unit is designed with easy access to the service points and ensures simple and quick component replacement. Also there is no need for welding or torch cutting. This decreases risks and less tools are required.

The components are similar to existing Lokotrack® units (except the sizer). So if your operation already has a Lokotrack® unit on site, then maintenance and component replacement will require the same process (except for the sizer). 

Safe and simple operation

Our sizer aims to boost productivity while making operation of the unit easy and simple. Our smart automation features and remote connectivity help that goal. The mobile sizer, like other Lokotrack® units, provides remote connectivity and control of the unit. Allowing operator safety to increase while boosting visibility of the operator.

This sizer also is also available with our IC™ crusher automation. Specifically, our IC™900 automation system comes with features such as an automated start up and stop process, condition monitoring and data analysis. This all helps to optimize your crushing process and maximize performance.

High productivity

Coming from an experienced range of Lokotrack® mobile units, the Lokotrack® mobile sizer provides high throughput, high capacity and optimal reduction rate for soft ores and aggregates. Set up is quick and easy, which increases the availability and productivity. 

In soft ore and aggregate applications, the sizer helps to accept high volumes of a wide range of materials with various characteristics. Even materials that have high moisture content that only a sizer can effectively process.

The Komatsu sizer can also be recognized and used on the Metso FIT Stations.

CUSTOMER CASE: In-pit crushing and conveying saves more than just fuel
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Komatsu sizer crusher

Metso's collaboration with Komatsu brings a new, sizer crusher into our portfolio. This opens new opportunities once paired with our proven Lokotrack® units in the soft ore and aggregates applications.

The Komatsu sizer crusher reduces fines generation through matched velocity technology (MVT), while optimizing throughput capacity. Roll speeds are set to match the speed of incoming material, reducing excess fines created with other designs.

Learn more about Komatsu sizer crushers here.

Lokolink™ compatability

When combining the Lokotrack® mobile sizer with Lokolink™ conveying systems, you recieve a boost in overall efficiency. This also allows Metso to provide a truckless solution right from the pit or quarry to the concentrating or cement plant.

This helps reduce CAPEX and OPEX, while boosting uptime and operational efficiency of your plant.

Learn more about Metso Lokolink™ conveying systems here.

Soft ore solutions portfolio

Common soft ores include coal, iron ore, bauxite, dolomite, quartz, industrial minerals and more. Metso has a complete portfolio of equipment to help optimizer your operations and maximize productivity in soft ore applications.

Lokotrack® mobile sizer technical specifications

Lokotrack® EC range coming in May 2024
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