Metso Full portfolio Nolan HCM™ (Hydraulic car mover)
Nolan HCM™ (Hydraulic car mover)

Nolan HCM™ (Hydraulic car mover)

For moving strings of up to 35 railcars with spotting accuracy of ± 15.24 cm (± 6”).

Nolan HCM’s (hydraulic car mover) are used where cylinders are preferred over wire rope due to site conditions

  • Cylinder propelled (double-acting)
  • Mounted to the outside of rail (on ties or concrete)
  • Pusher dogs push on truck frame (stow when not in use)
  • Single-directional, ± 15.24 cm (± 6”) spotting accuracy
  • 16 m (52’-6”) travel with standard 4-dog; other travel distances available
  • Adjusts automatically to cars of varying lengths
  • Standard duty HCM is rated for 20,400 kp (45,000 lbf.) pushing force
  • Heavy duty HCM is rated for 24,950 kp (55,000 lbf.) pushing force
  • Can handle up to 35 railcars on straight and level track

  • Good for gravity receiving operations
  • Excellent for flood loading
  • Eliminates manual labor
  • No wire rope
  • Installs in limited space
  • No excavation, concrete pads or costly preparations

Treadle operation

The treadle is used to adjust the indexer stroke to match varying lengths of railcars.

Coal, Iron ore, wood chips, potash, grain, fertilizer, and a sundry of other bulk materials.

Applicable industries:

  • Ports and terminals
  • Steel works
  • Electric power
  • Minerals processing plants
  • Quarries and aggregate plants
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Feed and grain
  • Fertilizer
  • Potash
  • Anywhere solid or liquid materials are loaded or unloaded for rail transport

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