Nordberg® HP900™ cone crusher

Nordberg® HP900™ cone crusher

Maximizing performance with cost efficiency

Nordberg® HP900™ cone crushers are an upgrade to our HP800™ unit. HP900™ comes with new kinematics, a compact design and automation system that ensures an increase in performance while also reducing CAPEX.


Quick installation

Reduce installation time and costs by 50%

Cost efficient

Robust components and compact design

Maximum performance

15% capacity increase and large clearing stroke


Ease of maintenance

2 hour liner replacement

A forward step in performance and cost efficiency

The Nordberg® HP Series has over 10,000 installations worldwide in a range of aggregate and mining applications. This equipment is well known as a market leader and continues to improve that point even further.

Nordberg® HP900™ cone crusher comes with a new kinematic design and raised pivot points, but still shares about 80% of the same components are previous HP models. So we understand that this is new technology, but comes from a strong legacy in cone crushing so you can expect results.

Quick installation

This cone crusher is simple to integrate and install into any greenfield or brownfield plant. The drive system is pre-assembled and does not require any on-site construction. It also comes pre-wired with our integrated automation system, which minimizes adjustments and set-up usually needed before commissioning the crusher.

All HP900™ cone crushers are factory tested before arriving on site, eliminating unnecessary downtime.

Cost efficient

Because of the HP900™ crusher being pre-assembled, pre-wired and factory tested before arriving to the site, installation costs and time are reduced by 50%. The compact design provides a reduced plant footprint meaning your production will come from a smaller foundational requirement. Getting more from less.

Our components are built robust. Specifically our thick liners are increasing component lifetime by up to 75%. 

Maximum performance

The HP900™ cone crusher with the new kinematics and raised pivot point resulting in a 35% higher stroke than the HP800. This also leads to an increased capacity of 15% and a 35% higher crushing force.

Also, HP900™ comes with a 360 feeding area. This combined with the higher stroke reduces bridging and allows for better top size acceptance. All resulting in maximizing performance. 

Ease of maintenance

Nordberg® HP900™ cone crusher provides top service access for all major components including the head, shaft, eccentric and more. Additionally, Metso wear parts can be replaced in just 2 hours compared to 8 hours with other similar cone crushers.

For more questions related to the Nordberg® HP900™ cone crusher, please contact your local Metso representative using the contact forms below.


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Built for optimized performance

The Nordberg® HP900™ cone crusher combines optimal performance and cost efficiency to provide maximum productivity.

Check out the video to see and learn more about the Nordberg® HP900™ cone crusher.

Crusher automation

Metso IC70C™ is a crusher automation system that further improves the operation of your Nordberg® HP™ crusher. Using it can increase your production by more than 10%.

With Metso IC70C™ you can control maintenance, setting modifications, production follow-up and data extraction. All parameters can be adapted to your plant characteristics, and you can easily do all this close to the crusher or remotely from the control room.

You set the goals and IC70C™ helps you reach them. It allows you to monitor the feeding, change the settings automatically depending on the load or liners wear, and select the product size distribution according to your preference of coarse or fine aggregate production.

Metso IC70C™ is a crusher automation system that further improves the operation of your Nordberg® HP™ crusher.
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Nordberg® HP900™ cone crushers' technical specifications


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