Nordberg® MP800 cone crusher proves that size is not all that matters. High capacity and availability comes in this compact design, and the only decrease will be in the costs to your operation.

High availability 

Automation and maintained crusher force with a hydraulic clearing system.

High performance

High capacity and the highest crushing force of any cone crusher of similar size.

Ease of maintenance

Push button disassembly and easy modular component replacement if needed.

High reliability

Easy setting adjustment and simple routine maintenance brings reliable production.

Nordberg® MP800 cone crusher

Metso has four different families of cone crushers. All cone crusher families have their own applications and can apply to different operations. One of the families of cone crushers is named the Nordberg® MP Series™ cone crushers. The MP used to only stand for maximum power, but now there is so much more to this cone crusher.

Nordberg® MP Series™ cone crushers are designed to have a high capacity and crushing force for size reduction. MP800™ brings a high capacity cone crusher that solves the energy efficiency problems.

High availability

This cone crusher provides more availability for your crushing needs. A fully automated tramp release that passes uncrushables instantaneously allows the high crushing force to be maintained. After the uncrushable material passes through the tramp the production setting is automatically returned to where the cone crusher was set. 

This cone crusher availability is further enhanced by the hydraulic clearing system. With a large vertical stroke, material can fall easily and this provides consistent stroke capabilities throughout the entire liners life.

High performance

MP800 cone crusher brings cone crusher performance to a new level. MP no longer stands for Maximum Power, but now MP is Maximum Performance. This crusher still does provide the highest crushing power for any cone crusher in similar size.

Advanced crushing dynamics leads to more work per cycle. The cone crusher increases power draw so that will lead to an increase in capacity, and a higher power-to-production ratio giving energy efficiency too. So MP800 not only performs for you, but also performs to help with a cost-saving operation.

Ease of maintenance

This cone crusher features a push button disassembly for routine maintenance. If needed, modular components can be easily replaced.

Attention to detail in every component in cone crusher has lead to lower downtime because maintenance is so simple.

High reliability

Downtime means more than just lost time in operation. MP800 cone crusher incorporates hydraulic cavity clearing and easy setting adjustment for minimizing downtime. Push button assembly and disassembly makes routine maintenance easier than ever.

The ruggedness in design of the this crusher has been proven to be reliable in a variety of operations. MP800 crusher's rotating bowl compensates for feed segregation and uneven feed rates. Even wear in the crushing cavity avoids localized restriction of the feed opening, and achieves consistent size reduction results.

How others have improved profitability and reduced risks?

Nordberg® MP800 cone crusher's technical specifications


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