Nordberg® NP15™ horizontal shaft impact (HSI) crusher

Nordberg® NP15™ horizontal shaft impact (HSI) crusher

For excellent secondary and tertiary crushing performance

A new generation of Horizontal Shaft Impact (HSI) crusher has been designed to increase the crushing process productivity and uptime. It is a perfect choice for the second and third stage of the size reduction process in aggregates production, recycling and mining operations.


High performance

High reduction ration. Good quality end products.

Reduced plant operating costs

Durable wear parts and mechanical components.

Configured for your needs

Crusher settings can be customized for any requirements.

Easy maintenance

Faster service reduce downtime and increase production capacity. 

More uptime with Nordberg® NP15™ horizontal shaft impact (HSI) crusher

Nordberg® NP15™ HSI crusher is a part of the new range of Nordberg® NP Series™ HSI crushers built for the secondary and tertiary crushing stages. It is a versatile rock crushing machine with high reduction ratio.

Nordberg® NP15™ impact crusher uses the same design as Nordberg® NP13™ and Nordberg® NP20™ crushers.

High performance

NP15™ has been engineered to allow increased feed material penetration to the rotor. Thanks to steeper design, the discharge curve is less sensitive to component wear, which enables producing more consistent end products even at the end of wear parts life.

NP impact crusher has a unique blow bar attachment system. With an optimal blow bar alignment on the crossbeam contact faces, the attachment system reduces risks of breakage and enables pushing the use of cast iron in blow bars beyond conventional limits.

In addition to increased feed material intake capacity, NP15™ crusher’s maximum power has been upgraded to 355 kW (450 hp) on a single drive to improve productivity.

Reduced plant operating costs

Long experience in crushing, and continuous collaboration with customers and research laboratories have resulted in technical innovations for NP15™ crusher’s reliability. Durable wear parts and mechanical components reduce maintenance costs. In addition, whenever tertiary crushing stage can be avoided, the capital costs and need for energy drop notably.

Mechanical reliability, simplified process and machine operation, as well as easy and safe maintenance increase the global availability of the plant and profitability.

Configured for your needs

NP15™ crusher can be configured with a wide range of option to ease the installation (less supplier). Also a wide range of wear parts is available to adapt to each application regardless abrasiveness of processed material. The automatic setting calibration also enables adjusting the crusher and, for example, controlling the discharge curve, even with more abrasive materials.

Options like full hydraulic breaker plate adjustment setting, third breaker plate, or different grades of steel and cast iron for the blow bars with the possibility for ceramic inserts, enable customizing this Nordberg® crusher exactly for your needs. 

Furthermore, Metso IC™ crusher automation can be used with this Nordberg® crusher. The automation system increases long-term profitability by allowing better control of the crusher and giving a more accurate view of crusher’s performance.

Easy maintenance

NP15™ has an advanced two-part rear frame. The new frame has a larger opening and better access to blow bar and breaker plates.

A new breaker plate cassette, on the other hand, as a removable assembly allows an easy and safe breaker plate liner replacement at the workshop.

The new maintenance platform gives you safer and easier access to the internal parts of the crusher for replacement.

Patented RPS (Rotor Positioning System) is available as manual or electrical. This new device complies with future EN1009 standard and is a key accessory for safe maintenance of the crusher.


How others have improved profitability and reduced risks?

Nordberg® NP15™ impact crushers' technical specifications

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