NW330GP™ portable cone crusher

NW Series™ NW330GP™ portable cone crusher

The NW Series™ NW330GP™ portable cone crusher is a wheel-mounted, electrically powered unit for secondary crushing. The portable solution is equipped with the reliable and versatile Nordberg® GP330™ cone crusher.


Suitable for secondary and tertiary crushing and screening applicatoins such as limestone, granite, and basalt

Electrically powered

Efficient crushing and screening with electric motor

Portable crushing unit

Wheel-mounted chassis enables high-mobility between sites

Safe and easy to operate and maintain

Easy and safe access to service platforms

Portable solution with versatile GP cone crusher

The wheel-mounted and electrically powered NW Series™ NW330GP™ portable cone crusher is the ideal choice for projects that require the re-location of equipment between crushing sites or for stationary quarries.

The unit is equipped with a Nordberg® GP330™ cone crusher with up to 315 kW (400 hp) of crushing power. The GP330™ cone crusher belongs to Nordberg® GP series™ cone crusher product family which are designed for high performance and cost efficiency in hard to soft rock crushing. GP330™ is versatile and it can be adapted to any specific production requirements with adjustments possible for such change of cavities, eccentric strokes, counter shaft speeds and different control methods in secondary, tertiary, and quaternary crushing applications.

Safe and easy to operate and maintain

NW330GP™ is safe and easy to operate and maintain. Design features such as spacious and high accessibility service platforms make the daily operations and maintenance of the unit safe, easy, and quick.


  • Various applications with the same unit
  • Wheel-mounted chassis enables re-location between sites
  • Electric powered crushing unit




NW330GP™ portable cone crusher plant’s technical specifications

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