Metso Full portfolio Online spare parts catalog
Our online spare parts catalog allows you to visually identify both spare and wear parts used in Metso equipment or solutions. Easy parts recognition, and fast and reliable part number identification helps your maintenance operation run more smoothly.

Parts that perform better and last longer to help you reach your sustainability targets

Save time


Quick and easy parts identification

Reduce risks


Minimize the chance of ordering incorrect parts

Improve efficiency


Increase purchasing operations efficiency

High reliability


Up-to-date spare parts offering

  • Saves time in parts identification
  • Reduces risk of ordering wrong parts
  • Improves efficiency for purchasing operations
  • Up-to-date spare parts offering


  • Installation specific
  • Part numbers available
  • Online and offline
  • Online quotation requests

Easy to use

1. Login

Login to Online Spare Parts Catalog using the provided username and password.

2. Forgot your password?

Click Forgot your password? on the Login page. Enter your email address and click Confirm.

3. Explore the library

Search by using the Quick Search field, Advanced Library Search or explore the library to find a specific spare parts book.

4. Browse

  • Explore the hierarchical product structure
  • View and zoom the related illustrations
  • Check the related bill of material and highlight components from illustration or from the bill of material

5. Send RFQ online

  • Select items for quotation from the part list by clicking the plus (+) sign
  • Check the selection list lines and modify, if needed
  • When the list is ready, click Request for Quotation
  • Add additional information or comments
  • Send the RFQ by clicking Send.

6. Quick search

  • Search the catalog library with e.g. the catalog name, equipment name, serial number or tag
  • As a result, there will be direct links to catalogs within all of your Spare Parts catalog collection

7. Search within a catalog

  • To search within a specific catalog, click Search
  • Enter the wanted search criteria and click the Search icon

8. Advanced item search

  • Enter the wanted item number or description and click the Search icon
  • To open the search form, click the Advanced Library Search icon
  • With the search form, you can search with a specific field, e.g. part number or part description
  • To limit a search, you can search the item from a specific book or folder
  • As a result, there will be direct links to items based on the selected search criteria
Online spare parts catalog
Online spare parts catalog


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